Photography of Japan's Underground
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Joe Nishizawa's new photojournalism book, Deep Inside, is a visual exploration of the amazing, highly mechanized world under Japan's urban areas. This brief interview with the author is accompanied by several interesting photos.
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This is pretty cool.
posted by thirteenkiller at 11:07 PM on July 24, 2006

any idea where to get it in the usa?
posted by rbs at 11:11 PM on July 24, 2006

rbs, I'm not sure; I checked Amazon, but it seems to only be available from the Japanese store. Of course, you could always order from there and leave your US address as the ship to - I've done that for orders before, and they worked fine...
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D'oh! I just realized that I had meant to have Joe's name link here in my original post.
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Amazing pictures...

...took a very nice bath with other workers after the shoot
Can't imagine what happened there....?
posted by Grums at 11:37 PM on July 24, 2006

Nice stuff. I'm always tempted to take one of the tours they have of some of the nicer underground locations. It's odd to think that the "ground" I'm always walking around on is actually quite a bit more hollow than it seems.

Grums: communal bathing is pretty common here, and public bath houses are all over the place
posted by nightchrome at 11:51 PM on July 24, 2006

[this is good]

rbs, I agree with jonson, I'm pretty sure that ordering from would work.
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[cho berigu]
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Great post! These photos look like shots from the levels of a sci-fi first person shooter.
posted by teem at 1:01 AM on July 25, 2006

Man, I wish they'd let me in the underground tunnels. Amazing shots to be had there.
posted by Poagao at 1:35 AM on July 25, 2006

several interesting photos

That's one motherfucker of an understatement. Great post. Thanks.
posted by bunglin jones at 3:50 AM on July 25, 2006

Dammit I thought I destroyed all of Shinras Mako reactors.
posted by scodger at 4:15 AM on July 25, 2006

Ah, so that's why Japanese fiction sometimes seems to have a weird fascination with the underground world of Tokyo. Who wouldn't with such amazing visuals? (I'm thinking of Takashi Shimizu's Marebito and Haruki Murakami's Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World of the top of my head here)
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Nice, thanks jonson!
posted by carter at 7:37 AM on July 25, 2006

Pretty darn cool.
posted by Cyrano at 8:44 AM on July 25, 2006

[this is sweet]
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Great photos... I'd like to get my hands on a copy of the book someday.
posted by vorfeed at 10:27 AM on July 25, 2006

This is surreal, and thoroughly needs a superhero to vanquish it.

Seriously, great set of photos!
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