"Here stood their citadel, but now grown over with weeds..."
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The extraordinary Center For Land Use Interpretation is a tertiary reference for one of today's posts, and it's been mentioned in comments before. Don't miss the Land Use Database or the Newsletter.
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Bother. That should be "yesterday's posts". Mea culpa.
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"mea culpa" - the thinking man's "my bad".
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"my bad" - "mea culpa" hominis qui non cogitat.
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On that database, caveat emptor. Much of the information is way out of date or incorrect. For example, under Vermont, Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, it states the plant produces 80% of Vermont's electricity. Actually, it's 1/3, according to Yankee's own page. In Massachusetts, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art -- (a) has a photo that's not the museum, (b) refers to "when completed" -- the museum has been open for 6 years.
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Land Use Interpretation.... hrm... You think there's any.... land use interpretive dance?
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The CLUI is an outgrowth (kinda) of the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Definitely worth a trip if you're in Los Angeles.
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To view the Center's Land Use Database information in Google Earth, open use their earth.kml file.
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Somewhat dupish, although the links were diffrent.
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Oh, sorry this is not a dupe, I am in fact an idiot. I just clicked one of the links and though "hmm, I've seen something about this atoll on metafilter before".
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