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We Heart Prints is "a compilation of beautiful, affordable art prints." Your own mileage on beautiful and affordable may vary. {via artdorks, of course}
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I love the site and have been following it since launch. It's great stuff and I can't believe how varied and high quality the posts always are. It seems like it would take eight hours of surfing a day to find as many good things as the blog turns up.
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The emo meter is, of course, off the fucking scale.
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This is good.
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This is goodgreat.
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Thanks! Will follow.

rxrfrx: wtf? Hearts?
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Oh boy oh boy. Affordable art! My favorite! On that note, William Pope L. came to town the other day with his Black Factory and donations of any size to the local foodbank could get you one of his "Twice-Sold Goods," which apparently were going for upwards of $250 in galleries. Once again, Yay affordable art! (Yay art the proceeds of which go to charity, for that matter.)
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I have no experience with this site, but I've been burned on "prints" off the internet twice now, as a print to a lot of people means a color photo copy at Kinko's.

If anyone has a real print of Romance (not Old Romance) by Maxfield Parrish, I'll buy it off of you...
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Give me silkscreen, monoprint, etchings, or give me death. Who wants this digital crap? Esp. at 8.5 x 11 or less.
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both sites are great, thanks dobbs
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I love this.
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The first link is great. Just ordered a couple prints.
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For the record, I've never been burned buying prints (or photos) off the 'net. However, I always make sure I know what I'm paying for first. Just mail the artist if it doesn't say and I'm sure they'll clarify.
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very nice. Imagine, if you will, this scene:
A Tyrannosaurus Rex , a sperm whale and giant squid fighting in the open ocean...with this description:

Title: Bad Day on the High Sea
Here, raw sexual aggression is symbolized by the sperm whale, while the squid acts as a thinly-disguised metaphor for the multi-armed oligarchies of Rockefeller, Hearst, and Morgan. Their battle plays against the backdrop of the sea, standing in for--what else?--the vastness of the unconscious mind. ยจ

I'm not linking to it on purpose, it's better if you imagine it.
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Pretty cool, but what the hell is up with so many prints involving people/things/robots/andtheoccasionalbird sitting on tree branches (which grow out of peoplesheads/blackholes/vehicles/etc.)?
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And I have to say...while most are very affordable, I wouldn't consider a $750 print that way.
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Awesome. I've been scouring the net for some nice femenine yet melancholy art for my daughters room and the jen corace stuff fit the bill perfectly!
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As much as I love some of the linked prints, I have to ask:

Does anyone here on MetaFilter do this type of printwork? I'd love to buy some prints for my home from these sites, but I'd much rather buy something from someone I "know."

Like glenwood, I also love the jen corace stuff.
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Also, How I wish they sold prints.
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[this is good]
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I bought an Alex Gross inkjet print based on a link from here, and it's super high quality and REALLY nice. I love it on my wall right in front of me!

If you like this site, I would recommend keeping an eye on Fabulist, which is where I found we*heart*prints.
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ColdChef, weird littlerocket doesn't sell stuff because I have two of his/her prints. This is one of 'em and this is the other. I can't recall how I came to have them--it's possible they were a gift from a VS reader way back.
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ArtKrush lists some interesting work too (but you have to dig around for it).
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Seriously, those are terrific... (runs off to go spend $100)

Thanks for the link ;)
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