Paint splash towerblock!
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A splash of urban colour! A dilapidated tower block in Glasgow was the setting for a riotous splash of colour this week as Sony followed up their previous Bravia tv campaign of the bouncing balls down the streets of San Francisco with a new advert using a disused towerblock in Glasgow. Some beautiful urban explosion pics here, here, here, here and here.
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Good gracious, I'm very afraid this will be most beautiful commercial ever. Any news on when it will be out?

The first Bravia commercial (giant embedded QT) was a gorgeous, hypnotic and completely outlandish endeavour. I can watch that commercial 10 times a day not get sick of it.
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Trying to convince the people I work with that these make nice pictures is astoundingly difficult.
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Wow, that looks amazing. I can't wait to see what comes out of it. Like Milkman Dan, I could watch the SF Sony commercial a thousand times and it turned me into a huge Jose Gonzalez fan.
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Matt: I've never seen the SF bouncey ball commercial before this, but was already a JG fan. That made seeing this for the first time doubleplus-good!

Thanks for the post.
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This is amazingly cool. I think this should happen completely randomly in cities around the world.

A wet blanket bitching about the environment in 5...4...
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Too bad it's Sony... (Still wont buy any of their products because of the rootkit affair).
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So who gets to be the first person to crap on the post because we're not supposed to enjoy anything related to advertising / corporations?
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Tango, a soft drink company in the UK, spoofed the original Bravia advert. See the spoof here. It's hilarious.
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fine fine. pepsi blue. blagh blagh blagh. vibrating blagh blagh blagh.
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That spoof's pretty good - I like the lemons going through the window.
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That fruit parade is quite terrifying. Like ray-ee-ain on your wedding day. I especially enjoyed the following elements:
- The suicidal frog who just can't handle the ruckus
- The shameless shot-for-shot re-creation
- The unfettered, riotous (and delightful) damage likely done to the 'hood

But wait, following that spoof link back, we get this site. Is it just me and my pal Pepsi Blue, or is this some kind of Emily the Billboard-style viral marketing thang? Because I may have to post something about "principles" and "underhanded" and "Pattern Recognition."
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From Milkman Dan's link: Join our protest against the fruit flingers!

Help us bring this to the attention of the nation. After all, the way these big advertising campaigns work, your town could be next!

Your town could be next!
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Looks great.

Is it just me and my pal Pepsi Blue, or is this some kind of Emily the Billboard-style viral marketing thang?

Yeah. Hilariously, when the Tango ad was posted, some folk, including the poster, thought the spoof website was genuine.
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Here's the post in question.
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This is a clear case of misheard instructions. They heard Paintbomb Toryglen when the real message was Please Bomb Toryglen.
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I'm sure I'm pointing out the way too obvious here, but the Swansea North Residents Association site was registered by one CHI Advertising. So... uh... there! Love the new Sony advert though, at least from those screens.
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Took a lot of balls to make a commercial like that.

Just sayin'...
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More pics from Sony
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