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Henry Lim composes sonatas and film scores. He also has a serious thing for Lego. The Hepburn portrait, Natalie Portman portrait, Beethoven and Fab Four portraits are impressive enough, but it is the full size, fully playable Harpsichord that demonstrates some kind of heroism. (mp3 included- to be listened to only once, really, or not even that.)
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posted by grobstein at 5:59 PM on July 26, 2006

posted by grobstein at 5:59 PM on July 26, 2006

That is insane. I thought I was cool building working rubber-band guns from lego.
posted by sycophant at 6:10 PM on July 26, 2006

It's probably not the same Henry Lim I went to school with, but I'm actually not sure... I think that Henry Lim was supposed to go to UVic or UBC, though, not UCLA. Architecture. I like his pictures, either way.
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Wow, the harpsichord trumps even Amy Hughes.

Wonder how Amy's doin'.
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This also needs the ZOMG tag.
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I <3 Natlie Portman. The Beethoven bust is also rather good.
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that harpsichord is amazing.
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Well mr arty musician Harpsichord player, MY Lego stuff includes a working Lego geiger counter.

I am the only person on the planet who can say that :-)

/Lego and geiger counters? Yeah - no points for deducing "geek" :)
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(The harpsichord is awesome)
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That really is amazing. I do have a question, though (and it's not the "but why?" one).

How do you keep those giant Lego constructions together? When I was a kid, my LEGO projects easily came apart. I'd so much as bump them and pieces would fall off.

Granted, I'm sure he's a much better LEGO constructor than I was (or ever will be), but the question remains: how do you keep those monstrosities together? If someone tripped and fell into the harpsichord, would the top half break off or anything like that?

(I apologize if he explained this on the site. :) )
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Utterly incredible. Is there anything you can't make more awesome by making it from LEGO?
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I'm obsessed with piano music, especially that which is in sonata form

Does he mean "in form of a sonata"? Because "sonata form" actually means something different, pertaining to the internal logic of the harmony rather than the overall shape or designation of the piece.
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How do you keep those giant Lego constructions together?

Superglue? At a guess. I mean to say, if you build a harpsichord, what are the chances you'll want to dismantle it and make a Star Wars Death Star instead?
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Perhaps. However, it says he constructed a few times, then took a part to change the design. You couldn't superglue it very well after it was all put together. You'd have to glue it as you went.

Hmm. Dunno'.
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