It's made out of people('s hair)!
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Waiter, there's hair in my soy sauce! A new soy sauce from China is raising eyebrows in Asia and elsewhere. Why? IT'S MADE OUT OF PEOPLE! Well, people's hair. Someone ought to tell these guys. [via BoingBoing]
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That's not soy! Real soy is where riotgrrl69 gets her phyto-estrogenic kicks! SCREW YOU PITUITARY GLAND!
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If they made it out of ape hair and it made you immune to civilization-destroying diseases they'd hit the Chuck Heston Trifecta.
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The technicians admitted that they would not consume the human-hair soy sauce because the dirty and unhygienic hair was used to make amino acid syrup

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I love how, @ the 2nd link, 'used menstrual cycle pad' is bolded for extra scary effect. As if the condoms and used syringes weren't really that gross.
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There was a column a few years back in Fortune about the common bread additive L-cysteine, which is also sometimes derived from human hair (or from animal hair and feathers or else sythentically produced). Often, bread manufacturers aren't familiar with how the additives they purchase from overseas are sourced, so your Wonderbread may contain minute amounts of a human-hair-derived amino acid.

I've got some odd opinions about food, so I'm personally more bothered about duck feathers than I am human hair ...
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You know, between this and the Mellified Man, I just don't have much of an appetite today.
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Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that clevershark is squeamish about eating people?
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That would make it eponysterical.
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I have no trouble putting human hair INTO things, I would like a soy sauce that was entirely devoid of human hair please.
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That Mellified Man recipe sounds good! Thanks, kimota.
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kimota's link's description of Mellified Man has given me an idea for an awful new supervillain.
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If your villain urinates honey can I suggest sort of a swaggering pimp persona and you could call him Mr. Sweetshittin' Honeypiss?
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kimlan soy is people... it's peeeeople!
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Good news for trichophagiacs I guess.
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It's all about the ingredients with these new sauces, isn't it? Gotta suprise everybody and all that. Feh.
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^^Speaking of eponysterical...^^
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How offal!
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L-cysteine, a common ingredient in commercial baked goods, is sometimes made from human hair. You're all cannibals and you didn't even know it!
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Some of us know it quite well.
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Well we eat vegetables and cow shit is used to fertilize vegetables ..or if it is not cow shit it is chemical taken from often abominable substances.

That said what is appaling is that the hair was probably badly, cheaply processed and was probably contaminated or containing harmful substances : now that disgusts me.
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This has been done for a long time. Hair is free (or has a negative cost) a lot of the time, and upon hydrolysis gives the exact same amino acids you'd get by organic synthesis, or hydrolysis of something yummier-sounding.
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raedyn, That's exactly what I thought, LOL!

kimota, Mellified Man, cripes! But that ortolan thing creeped me out too. Can't believe Fran├žois Mitterrand's last meal was said to consist of ortolan. Weird.

Hydrolyzed keratin protein is commonly made in part of liquified human hair, used in a variety of personal care products.
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