flash fryday alex yukons weird art
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freaky flash fryday alex yukon's bizzaro sort-of "resume" flash web thing (parts nsfw). check out his videos (also on youtube. Just don't let the gnome know.
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besides crashing my firefox in the "video" section, that is some disturbing s. i liked it.
posted by dminor at 1:41 AM on July 28, 2006

that is one scary gnome. i like the style.
posted by sophist at 1:55 AM on July 28, 2006

Jesus, that's some bizarre stuff. I like how the flies break up into monkey heads when you shoot them. (Dear god, that's a hell of a sentence.)

Some of the pictures seem inspired by Add N To X's On the Wires of Our Nerves. And of course the Eraserhead chicken... were there more allusions in there?
posted by equalpants at 4:22 AM on July 28, 2006

Oh, you CLICK the cube spinning around the earth, and get to see the word 'loading'.
Then some other stuff comes up. If you click on any of them,
you get to see the 'loading'.

The site? It's a load.
posted by hexatron at 5:07 AM on July 28, 2006

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