The Short, Happy Life of Infocom
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Remember Infocom? What makes a small, beloved, and wildly successful developer of interactive fiction decide to sideline the games and venture into building database software instead? While the knowledge that they were bought out and shuttered is pretty common, it isn't until relatively recently that all the details have come to light.
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As someone who spent far too much time playing Infocom games back in the day, I found this post very interesting, and thus rescued it from deletion.
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Thanks, ewagoner.
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Yeah, I'll resurrect my comment too: I love this kind of case study story. Thanks!
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yeah, it was a pretty awesome post, even if it was a (2d) example of blatant self-linking
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if you feel like you're missing some of your favorite games (nord and bert! bureaucracy!) not listed in that online archive, try going to home of the underdogs. they really have everything, even links to all of the manuals and package contents. plus, you know, free.
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Thanks for that link, Timory. Brings back memories of struggling to get a babblefish or the surprise twist in A Mind Forever Voyaging on my old C64.
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Good god the Escapist needs to redesign their articles. How is anybody supposed to read that? I can't even bump the font size up, because the navbar floats over the text. The only way I can read anything is by disabling CSS, which has the handy side-effect of making the article navigation (as everything is inexplicably split over several pages) practically invisible.

Sorry for the (minor?) derail, but their site irks me no end. The writing is really good, and I'd happily be a regular visitor - if I could read the sodding thing.
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It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by Metafilter.
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InfoCom databases: your data is likely to be eaten by a Grue.
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I'm sure I've mentioned this before in one of the other Infocom threads, but Underdogs has an old link to the package scans. The current (CoralCDN) location of the Infocom package gallery is here. (Self-links are ok in comments, right?)
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The gamer in me wants to scoff at them for putting business ahead of games in their hearts. But I think they had the timing right to get out.

And yes the Escapist layout is fucking annoying.
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The story here
is readable without flipping thru countless webpages with 'helpful' graphics.
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They had to go and include the Floyd excerpt and start me blubbering...
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Interesting read. Is it just me, or did anyone else get an apple-ish feeling from their old ads?
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about a year ago, i got a treo 650, and i started looking for alternatives to versamail (the built-in email program.)

i was very surprised to find that marc blank is now self-employed and writing the email client called 'chatter' for the treo. of course being a zork fan from way back in the day i had to buy chatter.

hes a pretty nice guy and answers everyone's technical questions personally on his forum.
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See that toolbar down near the bottom of The Escapist? See that magic word "text"? Click on that to get a much more readable version of the article.

Because yes, the Escapist's magazine style layout sucks, but they have provided an alternative.
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I hated it when Infocom went dark.
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The first game I ever bought was an Infocom text adventure game for the Osborne I (tan case). (I guess "Osborne I" and "text" are redundant, huh?)
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See that toolbar down near the bottom of The Escapist? See that magic word "text"? Click on that to get a much more readable version of the article.

Oh, one of those greyed-out looking hard to read things off screen down and to the right? Yeah, except I want the art; I just don't want the layout.
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