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"Rasputina is a 'cello-rock' ensemble. Founded by Melora Creager in 1891, they have long held true to their mission of enlightening the common man as to the power and versatility of the mighty cello." Her insightful comments such as, "There are many things that Satan invented that I can really get behind- like spanking", and "Our undergarments may be soiled, but, our hearts remain pure" have been an inspiration to many. Here's their cover of Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" (mp3). Unfortunately, they chose the evil RM format to stream their other songs from their site.
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1891? Whoa....
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Someone was just asking in AskMeFi why there were never any out-of-place artifacts left behind by time-travellers. But a rock band in Kansas in 1891, coving Zeppelin?!
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They gave a good concert at The Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University a few years ago.
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I love Melora, her dry wit and cool tunes (Rose K. is my favorite) send me!
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I've loved the band since the mid-90's but this post feels a little empty. Throw in some of these (and please, go to page two for a live cover of Heart's "Barracuda")
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I was into them in 1890.
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Whenever I was a child, I wondered what if my name had changed into something more productive, like Roscoe. Been born in 1891, waiting with my aunt Rosaline.
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This is a truly fine band, I always wanted to see it live.
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I'm lazy by nature, and I leave it to others to post the really good stuff. Loved Barracuda and Olde Headboard. Thanks!
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What in the devil is this?! It makes me feel neat!
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See also Bright Red Paper for another rock-ish band with prominent cello. [official site currently down, presumably because of Dreamhost's recent power outage.] Disclaimer: The band I'm in has shared bills with these guys. Not sure if that qualifies as a conflict of interest.
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Whoa! That was pretty impressive!
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I love, love love this band. I can also, now, vouch for the band Therion (that omnidrew and ubersturm recommended to me over in ask.me).

Apparently Therion spent a long time as a very boring death metal band, and then six albums into it they discovered strings, orchestras, opera and glory.
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Murder By Death (vid) has a cello player.
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Break of Reality is another cello-rock ensemble that produces some amazing sounds out of their instruments, and writes really interestingly-structured songs.

Channeling Owen uses a single cello in a more conventional rock setting to good effect (check out the howling lead in Spice Line Vision).
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Channeling Owen, that is.
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I'm downloading the Zepplin cover now and none of you can stop me.

Seriously. I almost never warm up to a piece of music on first listen, but this one is a keeper.

Oh, and I should also mention the Kronos Quartet, a wild pack of violinists who do a spectacular cover of "Purple Haze."
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C'mon, they play cellos! Of course they're going to party like it's 1899. That said, they played with Les Claypool recently. Postmodern string quartet of the damned!
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Been a fan for a long time. Still, nice to see someone else find 'em.
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or Rachel's Woo! Cello!
I sat next to Rasputina on the subway many years ago, and had a nice conversation with them.

but, Cellos are so 90's, accordians are the new all-girl-band hotness in this town!
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I've seen Rasputina live twice. They've had a number of band members in and out. One left and is now in a nice little band called Bela. Zoe Keating has put out a CD on her own. And let's not forget hearing "Transylvanian Concubine" on Buffy.

Also, if you like Rasputina, be sure to check out Matson Jones. Less with the underwear fetish, a bit more punky, and the drumming reminds me quite a bit of The Police.
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I actually had one of their cds for years, and was never a big fan of it (I had picked it up in a used cd shop one day). Then I saw them live, and they are just WAY better live.

Also, there's just something hot about two women playing cello's in goth outfits.
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A few more streamable songs.

Cellos rock.
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elr: THANK YOU for the Barracuda cover! I've been looking for it since they opened for Belle and Sebastian in Boston a few years back.
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Rasputina also does a pretty kick-ass version of "Bad Moon Rising" which you should all try to find while I listen to "Barracuda."
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shoepal, this is the second time you've beat me to referencing one of my favorite bands. You bastard.
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Damien Rice's cellist Vyvienne Long has covered some rock songs; I like "Seven Nation Army" better than "Purple Haze", haven't listened to "Come Together".
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They introduced me to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.
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What an incredible thread. I'm going to be a shut in today.
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The Dinner Ladies cellist girl was hot. They were a UK acoustic indie band on Hannibal Records, also featuring Lorraine Bowen.
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Rasputina are pretty good. I like their cover of "Wish You Were Here".

Check out Cello Submarine, a unit of 12 Cellists (of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) and their rendition of twelve famous Beatles songs. The cover of "Norweigan Wood" is especially good.
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That cover of Rock & Roll was fucking HOT. Although she whiffs on the last "time", I think.

Definitely going to be checking out more music from these guys. Thanks very much for posting this.
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I'll second for Kronos Quartet. I remember first hearing their versions of Vivaldi's Spring and Pärt's Fratres as roughly comparable to being Born Again.
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I will break ranks, not out of need to balance the equation, but to admit that someone at my work plays this band intermittently, and good lord it's a one trick pony, and not a very good one at that.
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