Spam plants.
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Spam plants Plant-like artwork generated from text data in Spam. There's also spam architecture and whatever this is.
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Also, spoetry.
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Really beautiful stuff. It's nice to see digital waste being recycled into art.
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Yes, beautiful stuff.
Reminds me of this.
(Full disclosure: he's a friend of mine.)
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I don't understand how it works, but these are really pretty, esp. the architecture one.
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Wow, that's awesome. Completely over my head, but still awesome.
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Yeah, kinda cool looking, but they don't really have any connection to spam. Its impossible to know whether plants generated from, say, the distribution of raindrops on a grid would look distinguishable from these.
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See also the Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg. She makes large, kaleidoscopic, vaguely seventies-like patterns, sometimes filling an entire room. When you look closely, you see that they're all made of dirty little corporate logos.

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Zoinks: Todd Arsenault's paintings reminds me of Cornelia Parker's Cold dark matter: an exploded view.
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Too bad the spam art is untitled. I woul love to know haw an enlarged penis looks or a nigerian scam.
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woul love to know haw an enlarged penis looks
Sigh. Me too.
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Ooooooh yeah, thanks, Termite. Way cool. I am sending Todd the links to that and the original post - sure to enjoy. And Gunilla Klingberg reminds me a bit of this. Mainly just the cubes and detail once you take a closer look.
(Oh, and HA! Good luck, magpie!)
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A spam art project.
posted by Foosnark at 6:40 PM on July 30, 2006

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