Down wid da DRM! PSA via Eris!
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Platform Security It’s time for a helpful primer on platform security. Also, our good friends at MoFi want to remind you: don’t buy anyone’s C.R.A.P. Always sound advice, except for you coprophiliacs out there. You guys are on your own.
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Opps, NSFW. sORRY.
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The first video is funny. The second one is ok. Not sure why you needed to link to, and quote verbatim, the blog post collecting these links.
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To all my little coprophiliacs out there, train hard, say your prayers, take your vitamins, believe in yourself and you will never go wrong brother!
*rips shirt off, flexes* I thinking of the right guy?
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Ya know frankly im getting quite tired of this misrepresentation of the facts. Mainly this non-stop tirade against apple/ipod. But I suppose this is the side effect of being the market leader.

The plain and simple fact is that the media companies will not allow stuff to be sold without DRM.

DRM is in fact out of control, and not reality based. And its a sied effect of a failing business model. But the whining against apple is just damned annoying. Let me know when you can go buy a non encrypted movie from a major studio.

The odd thing here is that (well not so odd) that ZDNet is a long standing MS apologist, and anything they say is really suspect. But if they think its bad now.. boy howdy, wait until MS starts selling music with DRM.... how do you like them apples?
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MrLint, huh? How is the video more against Apple and not Microsoft or Sony, all of whom are implicated in the non-interoperability morass by it? Is it that he pulls an iPod out of his pocket at the end?
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But I suppose this is the side effect of being the market leader.

I know Bill & Co say the same thing about operating systems.
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I do love how the RIAA and MPAA types forced Apple to apply DRM to the music and now they bitch about iTunes being a closed system.
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I never saw what the big deal with the apple DRM was. If they didn't allow you to burn it onto a c.d. and rerip it, I'd see why people would throw a fuss. But they allow you to do quite a bit with the music. Without that in place, the music industry never would have allowed legal downloads. The DRM is really just a bone thrown to the music industry.

The only annoying thing about it is that they can change your rights after the fact.
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But, Macs don't get viruses. Surely 3% of the viruses out there should be targeting them, or at least .01%!

I love that fallacy.
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