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The Periodic Table should be familiar to anyone that's taken a Chemistry course. Like E=MC^2 it's something people tend to remember even years after they've forgotten everything else they learned in science class. Maybe that's why it's inspired so many renditions: From the edible to the wearable to the literary. Heck, for some it causes them to break out into song.
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Cute. What do the A, C, and S at the top of the edible one stand for?
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Cute. What do the A, C, and S at the top of the edible one stand for?

American Chemical Society: ACS
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Why just stop at cupcakes (the edible link above) when there's a whole world of goodies to be tabulated?

Here's the ACS periodic table. Each element links to an article - some (far too) dry and scholarly, others much more personal, historical, and even a little off center (and even one from a notable non-chemist).
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I highly recommend The Periodic Table by Primo Levi.
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The edible one would have been truly great if each cupcake contained at least a little bit of the element.

I need to get some Gallium also.
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Origin of the Periodic Table.

Periodic Table of Rejected, Crazy and Criminal Elements
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And let's not forget the Periodic Table of Condiments.
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mosk, Oh I love that condiments one! :)
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Look Around You has the best periodic table of any educational film, seen here in full.
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Here's a MeFi summer rerun of an old post of mine with some other links on the Periodic Table theme.
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The Look Around You period table is great.

G - Goo.
H20 - Water.
Mr - Man
Mu (4,4) - Music
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nickyskye, bitchin link.

I've been intending to do a "wrong periodic table", that's a niche I don't think has yet been covered. Not a funny one, just one with all slightly wrong information - elements in the wrong places, wrong atomic weights, etc, etc.

But I would need some better web dev skills - I would want it to be pretty and slick enough to be mistaken for real by some fool children, laymen, and students.
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MB, You rascal, lol. To what mischievous purpose?
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He never arranges kraals extra round. (Noble gases.)

He lifted Nancy K. Robinson ceaselessly, Frank. (Group 1.)

Frank Clark brings in atoms. (Group 17.)
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Hydrogen, He Likes Be-B C'NOF, NeNa M'gAl SiPS Chlorine.
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MB, it would make a great entry in the uncyclopedia.
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It's probably horribly nitpicking of me, but Tom Lehrer's song isn't a periodic table. He doesn't sing the elements in table order, but for rhyming effect. That doesn't stop it being brilliant, of course.
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Don't forget; Periodic Haiku, Table of Mixology (this one is better), Fruits & Nuts, and Vegetables. And of course the Periodic Table of Comic Books.

nickyskye - That one was my brother's favorite! Thanks!
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solotoro, Oh wow, that uncyclopedia is hilarious! Thanks.

ObscureReferenceMan, :)

Lyrics to Tom Lehrer's The Elements. A cool video of the song, sung by Lehrer.
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This is my favorite:

The actual table periodic table

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