Rabbit, rabbit
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Today is the first day of the month of August!

Did you remember to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" (or, "White Rabbit") upon waking this morning in order to insure yourself good luck for the remainder of the month? There are competing theories as to the origin of this superstition. It was a commonly held superstition in the 1920's in the United Kingdom. Many variations of the custom exist.
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I'm sure ColdChef remembered to say it.

And memories for Oolong.
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Only heathens say it twice, true believers say it three times and backwards on New Year's Day. I forgot this morning so I'm staying in bed under my covers for the month.
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My family tradition was to ambush another member of the family and pinch them, then play-punch them, whilst saying "pinch, punch, first of the month', followed by 'and no returns' which prevented any reprisals...
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Did you remember to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" (or, "White Rabbit") upon waking this morning

No, but as soon as I got up I read four John Updike novels. Does that count?
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I actually did this, this morning. Usually I just get up and grumble about it being morning.
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I never knew this! No wonder I had so much pesky unluckiness of late. This could mark a turning point in my life, thanks.

... speaking of rabbits, I must point to this most excellent mecha post for what has to be one of the coolest bunny things evah. It might add to the gravitas of the first of the month ritual.
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Previous discussions of this superstition in AskMe [thanks for pointing them out, Miko].
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As a matter of fact, I did.

Although I did say "good morning" to my wife first, when she left for work, but I wasn't really awake so I'm not sure it counted but I said "rabbit rabbit" twice when I woke up later on, just in case.
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I forgot to say it this morning. Minutes later I had broken a plate, argued with my girlfriend and spilled my coffee. Bastards.
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WOW! I've never found anyone who does this! My teacher (21 years ago) taught me it. I think I've remember 5 times ever (one being THIS morning.

Altough, on months I've said, I don't remember any extra luck coming my way.
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whoa whoa whoa! i heard about this and NEVER do it on the first of the month but THIS month i somehow felt i needed to do it and then i click on metafilter and there it is? what the hell. is that double luck? im sort of freaked out now.
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This is the first time I've ever heard of it.
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I ran over an -- already dead -- rabbit this AM on the way to work. Two floppy ears sticking up out of a pile of goo.

Is that bad luck?
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Rabbit rabbit!

I've said rabbit rabbit first thing in the morning (and before going to sleep past midnight, to make sure) every month for probably the past twenty years. I can be awfully superstitious though.

FYI: IF you forget to say it FIRST THING (saying "good morning" cancels it), simply walk around the house backwards until you've eaten breakfast, then say "Tribbar, tribbar" before going to sleep. Safety first, kids!
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I did it. (Taught by my wife.)
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It's been about ten years since the last time I tried to say this upon waking.

I believe it was my Dutch step-mom who taught me this. Though it was only "Rabbit" once, not twice.
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I say "Rent, Rent."
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Bah, superstition.

*makes sure left shoe goes on first so as not to lose game
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Oh man, my boyfriend and I ge into competitions to see who can say it to the other first (it counts as sort of an anniversaity reminder for us as well). Anyway, we hadn't done this routine for months, but I did tell him first morning, and then this post is here.

Hive mind at work, people.
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I forgot, as I often do. But (knock on wood) I'll remember next time.
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Babbit! Babbit!
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I learned this from a friend in University, and I have to chime in that this is indeed the first time I've heard anybody else talk about it either. And you had to say it first for it to count.

White rabbits
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I've always done it as "rabbit, rabbit" and I count it at anytime during the day. Although I've heard that saying "tibbar, tibbar" last thing before you go to sleep on the 1st of the month can compensate for not having said "rabbit, rabbit" when you woke up.
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Somewhere I was given the notion that if you fail to say it before saying anything else after waking you can make up for it by saying it three times while walking backwards down a flight of stairs. It's good to know things like this, because the empirical world gives us few clues to help us find them out.
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