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Found lists Read what you will into this collection of wishes, aspirations and plans - each more intriguing than the one before (if you line them up that way).
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Linked from that blog, and of a similar "peek into another's life" curiosity, is FOUND magazine.
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43Things is a captivating timesuck, as well, and provides some insight into how members of the hive are spending their time.
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I recently attended a few Found shows, when they were presenting here in Chicago. I hope I'm not remiss in linking to my blog/site here, but I think the content remains on topic:

Found Magazine @ Intuit Gallery, Chicago (flash video, near the bottom). This show also features Frank Warren, speaking about his PostSecret project.

Dirty Found @ Corbett v. Dempsey, Chicago (flash video, near bottom). A sister publication, Dirty Found is just like Found Magazine only... a lot smuttier. I don't think these pages are that bad, but to be safe - consider them NSFW.
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Bah, not a single enemies list in the bunch.
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The real lists are better than the fake ones (e.g., "before I get pregnant")... I hope this genre isn't going the way of most things authentic and serendipitous -- when consumer demand for genuine stuff outstrips the supply, we just manufacture more. (See "reality" TV and "vintage" blue jeans.)
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Nice link, and look! It's an allusion to an actual funny "Wizard of Id" strip. Well done.
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