If you haven't tried out Napster yet,
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If you haven't tried out Napster yet, you really should. There's also a Mac port of the program (Macster) and a Linux version. On today's journey into the Napster underworld, I was rewarded with several bizarre gems. Among other things, I found a Japanese version of "Song for the Dumped" by Ben Folds Five, Tom Hanks singing "The Cowboy Song" from the epic film "Joe Versus the Volcano", and finally, a kickass acoustic version of "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters, which sounds like it was recorded from a Howard Stern radio show. You can't buy music this quirky, I'm glad there's a venue for it with Napster.
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I use Napster to find obscure remixes of songs...stuff that simply isn't available for sale anywhere. I've found Fatboy Slim remixes of Eminem's "My name is...", Daft Punk's "Around the World", and the Stones' "Satisfaction".
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Been using Napster for a few weeks now and my HD is overflowing. :-) I wish there was a bit more live stuff on there though.

It's great at work when someone's whistling a tune and you can surprise them with the tune a few minutes later, or you remember one of these old 70s or 80s hits that you'd never buy and can now shamelessly download.

I did have one 'scary' experience when I added a user to the hotlist and found out his collection was 80% nazi stuff. :/
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D'oh! According to this, my napster using days at work are numbered. I suppose I'll just continue using it at home.
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