Heckuva job, Brownie!
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Tintype Rebel. Time stands still for John Coffer. The wet plate and tintype photographer makes his home at Camp Tintype, a farm preserved from the 1860s. With no running water or electricity, Coffer travels the roads with his horse "Brownie" and an ox-drawn wagon to take his photographs. Coffer adopted the lifestyle of a Civil War-era itinerant photographer more than 20 years ago and was among the first to revive the wet plate process. He's created tintype stereoviews (that achieve a 3-D effect when viewed through a stereoviewer), the “world’s first” tintype movie [.mov], and a series of large format, 20” x 24” tintypes which may be the largest ever made. Lincoln would be proud.
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That's some goodness, right there. What a beautiful movie.
posted by redsparkler at 9:58 AM on August 3, 2006

How to roll your own tintypes.

Today's NYT article has a bit more info on Coffer. Some more of his work can be viewed here.
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One thing that came out in the NYT article, he doesn't care too much for women, which really seemed to rub the female writer the wrong way.
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Thanks for the extra links, caddis!
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I kept on inspecting a western gunfight for some reason in the movie. It really reminds one of the first films to be produced. Though, I wish there were even more examples of his work.
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Fantastic post, I would love to be able to produce photographs like that.

Trivia: Bastian from Neverending Story left the movie business to pursue his interest in wet plate photography and is now apparently a master.
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awesome post.
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Great post, thanks. We recently sorted some old family photographs that included several tintypes form the late 1800s.

More about the tintype—aka 'ferrotype'—process at A History of Photography. One thing to note is that the image on a tintype plate (being the one and only 'print') is typically reversed left-to-right.

Small gem tintypes taken with multi-lens cameras were the wallet photos of their day.
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Yeah, the reporter definitely comes off as a bitchy cunt in that article.
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I would like to see some photos of essentially modern scenes done in that style. The juxtaposition would be cool, I think.
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from the wired article:He recently produced a tintype movie -- the first of its kind, he claimed -- featuring his apprentice DeLooza strapping a straight razor.

It's STROPPING, dammit!
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Wired is pretty much the last magazine I would expect to get that right, how about you?
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They don't have one straight-razor freak in their editorial offices? Yeesh. You've got a point tho.
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I thought the NTTimes article read like a hight school newspaper. The reporter put way too much of herself in the piece.

I don't imagine she ever got a journalism degree.
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Jeez...I just read the NYT story...and snarky doesn't BEGIN to cover the reporter's tone in the story.

She really seems to have missed the point...
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Wicked Post! Great job Kato!
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