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Dancing Pipecleaner Man. Make him boogie! [flash]
posted by brain_drain (14 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite
So this is who won the $30 today. Kneel before the Pipecleaner Man.
posted by geoff. at 11:59 AM on August 3, 2006

Similar: Dancing Teletext Man
posted by ZippityBuddha at 12:03 PM on August 3, 2006

Fuck me, I haven't laughed this hard in...hours. Nice find.
posted by notsnot at 12:09 PM on August 3, 2006

Can't believe how fun that is! Thanks. :)
posted by nickyskye at 12:10 PM on August 3, 2006

geoff - my thoughts exactly; I can't even envision a world where something more awesome than this gets posted between now & midnight tonight.
posted by jonson at 12:10 PM on August 3, 2006

Very cool.

Thanks for sharing brain_drain.
posted by dios at 12:20 PM on August 3, 2006

This should not be so entertaining. Makes me want to boogie!
posted by polyhedron at 12:21 PM on August 3, 2006

It'd be better if he were on a treadmill.
posted by Keith Talent at 12:22 PM on August 3, 2006

Surprisingly fun. Thanks.
posted by wfrgms at 12:27 PM on August 3, 2006

now that's what I'm talking about, brain_drain!
posted by madamjujujive at 12:49 PM on August 3, 2006

Someone with talent and rhythm (i.e., not me) should make a video of a good pipecleaner dance and post it...
posted by noble_rot at 2:40 PM on August 3, 2006

I was quite impressed with the dance I had my little guy doing to "Groove is in the Heart" - music E. I wish I knew how to video it. Once I figured out that the sequence is in order (i.e. - pressing F,G,H makes a smooth move - yes, it took me a bit) my amusement increased tenfold!
posted by Iamtherealme at 3:33 PM on August 3, 2006

I was kind of "meh" about it until I hit "Footloose". After that it was awesome from there on out.
posted by Servo5678 at 3:46 PM on August 3, 2006

very engaging
posted by caddis at 6:53 PM on August 3, 2006

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