Tiki's Trip To Town
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Tiki's mother takes him to see a pakeha township for the first time. One of many books available from the International Children's Digital Library.
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These are great — thanks!

Excerpt from T³: "Lassie, Timmy and Piggy are at the nude beach! Run and get help clothes!"
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wow. What memories a number of those books brought up for me! amazing find terrurian. Thanks. Great site.

One of the books there, Abunuwasi, is in Swahili. It's one of the publications of Lila Luce, daughter of Henry Luce III (son of the founder of time mag). She accomplished something historic: Why weren’t these children reading Kenyan comics in Swahili, the language they are most used to? The answer: there weren’t any! This suggested the possibility of publishing comic books, with good stories, fun and serious, fiction and non-fiction, in full-colour, in Swahili, for the African reader.
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Phew! That's a relief. I thought I was going to get Warnocked.
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Getting warnocked sucks, been there, done that. Cool word though, thanks.

This site is actually a great resource, not just for kids. Easy to use, packed with gems. A great selection of books from around the planet with wonderful illustrations. I love the old books.

Only thing I wish it had a simple index of the books though it has a decent search/sorting page. I love Maxfield Parrish illustrations.
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I agree nickyskye. Milo Winter was no slouch either. Using the magnifying glass you can get them up pretty big.
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I love that picture!
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Me too, the whole book is well digitized. Unfortunately I think that the "Arabian Nights" was prepared by someone not quite 'on the job' and the descreening filter wasn't set. Shame, it deserved better.
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