Death in the Desert
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Three million fish committ suicide in the desert - A very large number of fish die in California's largest lake, the Salton Sea. These events are not unique to this lake; even large areas of the ocean experience them. The eutrophication of coastal regions, as well as land surrounding inland waters, is often to blame for the degraded water quality that leads to these deaths. For the record: the initial report of suicide by the fish can neither be confirmed or denied.
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God, the Salton Sea is a fascinating, horrible thing. Interesting post, UM, thx.
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Time for a fish fry!
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"Charlie! Don't do it! Somebody stop Charlie! He's going to the shallow end! Omigod! Now he's just floating up there! Somebody do something!"

Uh. They didn't commit suicide. They asphixiated. They suffocated. They ran outta air. It tends to happen when humanity fucks up the environment.

Yes. I'm blaming this on global warming and not on excessive algae growth, because global warming is more fashionable. No I haven't seen Gore's new film. I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD.
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gah, water! fish fuck in it.
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The Salton Sea is a messed up place. It was created by accident, has since become saltier than the ocean, and periodically breaks out in huge algae blooms that completely consume all oxygen. The place smells like death 9 months of the year.

Massive fish kills are common there.
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So all these fish over-bred and they and their waste products used up all the oxygen in the water?

Thank god this could never happen to us! *Cough*Peak Oil*Cough*
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So long and thanks for all the fish.
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Saw her at the picture show out on the highway
After the fish fry, late last Friday
Havin' a fish fry, number one fish fry
The fish fry out by Frenchtown
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It's ok to committ fish 'cause they don't have any feelings.
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Try Peachy Keen.

No Brian! Don't do it!
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The Winning of Barbara Worth
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Sorry the fish croaked. Thanks for the post.
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Jeez, if there were more Chinese people in the area, there wouldn't be a tilapa overpopulation problem.

(I'm Chinese, and yes, I find steamed tilapa a fricken sweet entree. Thanks for the post but, suicide?)

otoh, I enjoyed the movie.
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Alright, alright...the suicide part was a bit of an inside joke. The fish actually come to the surface of the water and gulp air - a direct result of hydrogen sulfide being present (and no oxygen) in the water. They also collect along the shallows due to the surface currents, resulting in "fish-beachings" if you will. The "ocean" link discusses how lobsters actually walked out of the water (to escape the hydrogen sulfide), where they were snatched-up by locals (so, out the water and into the pot - literally). Local fishermen out at the Salton Sea have joked with me that if you just dangled a hook in front of the fish, they'd gladly jump on it. So, fish suicide was a natural by-line for the article.
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porpoise: I'm guessing you mean this movie, but I saw this one about a year ago. A fascinating and sometimes depressing look at the sea and some of the people who live around it. Apparently improving the sea and the area was a pet project of Congressman Sonny Bono, but interest at the Congressional level faded after he died.
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Let's hope some metafilter member didn't live in that desert.
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March of the Salmons
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It looks pretty apocalyptic. I wonder if the extinction of the dinosaur was a similar situation. Maybe it is just the way nature deals with overpopulation. Can all that fish be eaten? If not it would be such a waste.
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