When Buttrock ruled Detroit
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Motor City Rock 1980-1990 A great archive of Detroit's most overlooked and ignoble musical era. Highlights include Bittersweet Alley, The Trash Brats, Vertical Pillows, The Dick the Bruiser Band, and many more. Great to listen to while you read the relauched (and vaguely sad) Creem.
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Oh dear, here comes a flood of memories.
Hooray, the Junk Monkeys!
Ooh, it's Boom and the Legion of Doom. Watch out 'cause they'll throw that road kill at ya.
Gonna be seeing these guys at the Touch n Go bash in a month.
Ugly But Proud satisfied the need for leather n denim speed metal.
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Yeah, I was thrilled to see Negative Approach, but kinda bummed that the Laughing Hyenas don't have much info. And I was hoping that there would be Mutants mp3s...
Glad someone enjoyed this (I realize that my love of buttrock and Detroit music necessarily limits the audience).
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Of course, Detroit's Damage is not to be confused with New York's Damage, the synth-ska group Damage, or Donna Damage of No Thanks.
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Toby Redd! Bitter Sweet Alley! Funny what names stick in your mind.

Rhythm Corps was my absolute favorite when I was in jr. high. Although they were Rhythm Method when I bought their record (at Sam's Jams? Probably).

The floods of memories are coming back indeed - swell post!
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ps - Todd's. Sigh. Some of the happiest evenings of my teenage life were spent dancing at Todd's. Thank god my parents never knew I was going there. There - or Bookie's. Although I wasn't brave enough to go there more than a few times.
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The best Detroit band from this era for me was L7 (no not that L7!). The one with Laressa in it. I think that they put out a 7" on Touch&Go. Great live version of Yardbird's "OverUnderSidewaysDown".

Most of the ones from the attached website were awful, in my book.
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There are some pretty hilarious pictures on that site. Where would the Detroit 'burbs be without the mullet n mustache look that was so prevalent in the '80s? The "Jack Morris Look" if you will.
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Nice link, klang. I'll be burrowing through it when I get home.
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Wahoo! Best Metafilter post ever.

The 3-D Invisibles!
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Yeah, the online record store that I work for came across a Bittersweet Alley press pack and in it I was struck by how much the lead singer looked like Ben Stiller as '80s Zoolander.
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That issue of the new CREEM is okay with me. The story on Freddie and the Dreamers is GREAT!
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Yeah, but just now covering the Arctic Monkeys or Hank III is sad.
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