Dad's Home and Walk Smash Walk
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Sakupen is the online name of a musician/artist who made two of my favorite flash music animations (warning: first link goes to artist's myspace page w/audio). The first one, "Dad's Home" is a mayhem filled coffee buzz set to Cab Calloway's Reefer Man, and the second, "Walk, Smash, Walk" is about a robot whose job is to Walk and then Smash and then Walk some more. Wildly different styles, but both are captivating; large versions of both cartoons can be viewed here.
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i remember seeing "dad's home" a while ago. it's hilarious.
much better than smartass vader
posted by jimmy at 7:27 AM on August 4, 2006

Yeah, Dad's Home is definitely old, but I couldn't find it on the site search, so hopefully some people out there hadn't seen it.
posted by jonson at 7:53 AM on August 4, 2006

Both are new to me, and both are brilliant. Nice find.
posted by brain_drain at 8:09 AM on August 4, 2006

Dad's Home is more than mere brilliance - it's now the model for my life.

Yes, the wife and kids are annoyed already.
posted by davelog at 10:01 AM on August 4, 2006

At some point, jonson, we're all going to have to marry you.
posted by NinjaTadpole at 11:07 AM on August 4, 2006

I'm in.
posted by jonson at 11:42 AM on August 4, 2006

Thanks for the link, "Walk, Smash" is brilliant.
posted by Kraftmatic Adjustable Cheese at 4:00 PM on August 4, 2006

I had a silly grin on my face all the way through both of those. Thanks.
posted by mer2113 at 8:08 PM on August 4, 2006

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