Keyboard Hero
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Frets on Fire is a Guitar Hero clone that is so good that you will turn your keyboard upside down. It's one of many games you can download that were made for the Finnish computer festival, Assembly.
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Bah. I want a guitar game that takes an actual electric guitar as input.
posted by vorfeed at 10:03 AM on August 4, 2006

Very fun, thanks!
posted by jikel_morten at 10:59 AM on August 4, 2006

Heh, I remember downloading Assembly demos, back when I was totally into the demoscene :P
posted by delmoi at 11:54 AM on August 4, 2006

Me too. It was about all I could download at the time....
posted by hoborg at 2:09 PM on August 4, 2006

I wonder what possessed the game's site designer(s) to use Elvis Costello as their "guitar hero silhouette"?
posted by retronic at 3:39 PM on August 4, 2006

it didn't take long for DDR clones to inspire USB dance pads, so this could probably happen for guitar controllers, too. holding a keyboard upside down, though it would work in dire must-shred-now situations, just doesn't hold the same appeal as a yamaha keytar.
posted by bryak at 5:45 AM on August 5, 2006

I think we broke Finland :oops:
posted by Talez at 8:18 AM on August 5, 2006

Some user made songs are starting to appear:
posted by Edame at 5:24 PM on August 7, 2006

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