Big Things in America
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ook asked for a list of big things in America to go out and take photos of. We gave him a list, and he went out and shot it: Big Things in America. I love it when a plan comes together. [via mefi projects]
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Amazing. Simply amazing.
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Is he knitting together several pictures for those insanely beautiful panoramas, or are those made with a crazy camera lens?
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Y'all forgot Quonsar's penis.
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I thought it Quonsar's ego that was bigger?
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Who doesn't want a free landfill?
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Instead listen to the sun heating the metal roof, causing a long stream of pings and rattles that sound exactly like a heavy rain.

Nice, honest writing. Here too.
Loved this amazing road runner. Presumably the old car parts and used shoes is some sort of play on the idea of the bird's name?

Quietly funny. Gently surrealistic. wow. Strange in a desolate way.

Interesting about the dune ridge vibrating. Wonder why? Loved this pic. Space, the final frontier. Rolling. Amazing. Surprising.

Would have liked maps to place the images, maybe a little more info about each place and an arrow button so the pics could be seen one after the other instead of going back to the home page after each pic.

Wonderful trip.
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Is he knitting together several pictures for those insanely beautiful panoramas, or are those made with a crazy camera lens?

They appear to be several photos stitched together.
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This is very cool. It's making me very envious. Great post, thanks.
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Quite excellent road trip. Your description of it is also better than adequate. I'm jealous!
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I could've sworn the crater lake picture was a wide-angle lens, but after reading the description, it is apparently stitched. Was this done with software? It's a very, very good job. Some of the others had telltale stitching artifacts, but not that one.
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Hey, wow. I didn't expect this to make it to the blue!

The panoramic photos are indeed stitched together, generally from between 10 and 30 separate shots, using autostitch, which is infinitely superior to all other software. The ones from early in the trip tend to show more artifacts because it took me a while to figure out that I needed to set the same exposure for every shot, not re-adjust as I turned around -- that's why the weird color banding in Amboy for example. But, yeah, all hail autostitch, it's great.

Thanks, everyone. For the suggestions of places to go, and for the kind words here. This trip was really just exactly what I needed.
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These are great ook. Did you recapture your sense of wonder?
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Is ook around? I love his gasworks park shots. I would love to get high-res copies for my office. I'm trying to make my work environment more liveable.
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I want the puppy!
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Eekacat -- I'm not sure I captured it, but I at least spent some time in its presence. For the time being that'll do.

Popular Ethics: sure, I'll email you.

ericb: So do I, now that you mention.
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Well worth the hour I just spent looking through the photos.

America's a Big Damn Country ®, idinit?
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I know this is your post Matt, so how about giving the $30 to ook?
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Wow, amazing. I forget how much I love the desert...

Did Mt. Ranier look apocalyptic to anyone else? (It's just so huge and there, you know?)
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This was an excellent idea executed amazingly well. Thanks for the great pictures, ook!
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