A bicycle can't stand alone when it is two-tired
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Bikely makes use of the Google Maps API to make it easy to learn new bicycle paths. Select any path (example) and export its GPX path into your GPS tracker (e.g., cell phone or Palm) — or share your own favorite bike rides.
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I love Blazecock Pileon.
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Very cool.
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Tis cool.
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Bikely is great, I've been using to investigate if there is a way I can ride to work and skip 10kms of motorway which would be an utter death trap. Apparently there is. Now all that's stopping me is the 100km round-trip commute.
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See also: MeFi post re: Gmaps Pedometer

Direct link: Gmaps Pedometer
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Cor, I had this idea. Beaten to it.
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I also like wayfaring.com, though bikely may be better for bicycling-specific maps. Bikely has a good way to locate routes geographically. Wayfaring has the advantage of tagging.

Unless something has changed, gmaps pedometer doesn't have any way to search/categorize maps, which is a major disadvantage.
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Excellent, and it already has some local loops. I'll be trying them out and adding my own favourites. Thanks for posting.
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It is pretty skimpy on routes right now, but I like the maps. You can also find local routes by searching for "cue sheets" and your state name in Google.
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Brilliant! I just made my first, but there are allready some paths for Oslo made. It doesn't have small wooden paths, but using my own map I think I might have gotten it close to correct. Nice for checking how long your training round is too.
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Very cool. Thanks, BP!
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Yes, good.
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Kinda like http://www.treadr.com/!
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