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Women who practice magic are usually accused of being a witch, which may or may not be true. Some are young girls and some are funny. One is all of these and more [NSFW].
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Send the $30 to NAMI.
posted by sluglicker at 1:49 PM on August 6, 2006

Well, we did do the nose.
The nose?
And the hat, but she is a witch!
posted by TheDonF at 1:59 PM on August 6, 2006

I was more intrigued by this than the naked magic trick:

That probably says something about me.
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Getting a girl to take off her clothes is by all accounts a form of magic.
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Exactly. And do you consider all performers "attention whores" keswick, or just the women?

But getting back to the post...

I gotta tell you "almost 40" isn't a "young girl." And who in the world wants to be naked on a stage with his or her parents?
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I consider all performers who include nudity in their performances attention whores, regardless of sex. Doubly so if they incorporate nudity with their parents.
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It is probably a good idea to have some witches as a friends. Young or not it is better not to paly agains them ;)
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Quick, someone page Michelle_hermosabeach! This appears to be p-o-r-n-o-g-r-a-p-h-y! These women are exploiting, um, themselves. Yeah, that's it.
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Ursula Martinez performed at Salman Rushdie's stag party. That's kind of cool all in & of itself, but it got me to thinking about Salman Rushdie's stag party.

That would have been cool.
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