Hitchock Underground
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In 1999, to mark the centennial of Alfred Hitchock's birth in the Leytonstone district of London, 17 mosaics were installed in the entrance corridors of Leytonstone tube station. Each mosaic celebrates a different Hitchock masterpiece. True to form, Hitch makes several cameos among the mosaics.
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Similarly, the tiles at the Baker Street station (home of the world's most famous fictional detective) all bear the profile of Sherlock Holmes.
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Beautiful work. Thanks for posting this.
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Note that those Hitchcock pictures are at The Joy of Shards, which has some pages on how to make mosaics. Maybe you'd like to make one for a garden walk or an entryway?
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And yet they didn't do a mosaic of Hitchcock's favorite of his own films, "Shadow of a Doubt".
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jonson: My favourite part of that photo is the "No Smoking" sign.
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This is such a great post! I am newly inspired to try making a mosaic.

Some movies just lend themselves more readily to a mosaic. You know, such as the "Alien" series, or "Grey Gardens". "Caligula" perhaps.
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Awesome. Something else for me to add to the list of "London Sights I Must See".
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Very interesting
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I just spoke to Al here in hell and he loves these. He can't decide which one is his favorite but he's currently leaning towards the Vertigo one. Oh, all artists end up in hell, so don't look down on Al for ending up here with me.
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David Beckham is from Leytonstone, too
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To be 100% fair he is upset that his name is misspelled throughout this post as "Hitchock." He wanted to speak to the editor and I told him that on the web there are no editors. He stared at me in disbelief and astonishment for a moment then slowly faded away.
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Ken, please give Al my most sincere apologies; I can't believe I left out the second "c" on three separate attempts. Embarassing.
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I like the one from 'The Birds.' They're all cool.
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Awesome. Thanks. The "Rebecca" and "Strangers on a Train" ones are particularly good. I wish there'd been one depicting a scene from "Notorious," though. And imagine a mosaic of the crop-dusting scene from "North by Northwest."
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There is one, blucevalo.
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Whoops, didn't see that. Thanks.
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The murals are great, but Leytonstone is not a nice area. If you're a tourist and you want to see the murals, don't take the opportunity to stroll around Leytonstone on your own.
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oh, stammer - I can't let that go unchallenged. Granted, Leytonstone isn't exactly filled with tourist sites, but it is an eminently liveable and affordable part of East London that may well be only 5 stops from Liverpool Street yet is also right next to Epping Forest.

Indeed - while we are on the theme - why not visit the Alfred Hitchcock Hotel that stands opposite the Hollow Ponds.
It's about 5 minutes walk from the Station. It's only connection with the man himself is that it's, er, named after him. You could imagine yourself in one of his films in the snugs of the bar though.
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