Linda Tripp fired.
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Linda Tripp fired. What I don't understand is, why the hell was she still there after all the crap she pulled? If they couldn't actually fire her, she should have left on her own. I can't see why she'd stay except to be a, well, a b-word. And if it's traditional and expected that people resign their positions for the new administration, then why didn't she? Did she think she still had a job after tomorrow? Seems to me she only refused to resign as one last attempt to make Clinton look bad. I don't think it worked.
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agreed. Notice also that Tripp is out of the country and her lawyers instantly jumped on this last chance to get a dig in on Clinton. I wonder which happened first... did Clinton and Independent Counsel Ray make their deal for Clinton to avoid prosectution before Tripp was fired, making this Tripp's last chance to try and hurt Clinton, or the other way around?

No matter how pathetic I think Tripp is, I feel so sorry for her after reading her comments on why she chose to have cosmetic surgery. That she thought she was horribly ugly. That's kinda sad. But's still pure evil ;)
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she probably refused to resign because she was actually a g bush 1 appointee and may have felt that she would still have a job with g bush 2.

she said on television the other night that she had been stripped of her responsibilities and basically just sat at the office and collected a paycheck.
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According to this Chicago Tribune article, she makes $100,000 a year. Must be nice to get paid $100,000 a year and do nothing...

Of course her lawsuit will be dismissed. It's reasonable to expect Bush to bring in his own appointees.

On a final note. What cosmetic surgery? She doesn't look different in the photo from the Trib article (assuming that the photo is current).
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What cosmetic surgery?

I just saw her on the cover of George magazine a couple of days ago, and she looked much different. I thought it was a really successful makeover, but plastic surgery seems like a more likely explanation.

If this was intentional revenge, then it just makes Mr. Bill appear even more petty and unwise than he already does.

Let's face it, Linda Baby was so totally last Tuesday until this happened. Now she gets lotsa publicity and probably a big job offer as a conservative talk show host like Liddy and North where she'll make twice as much as she made in the Pentagon.
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You're right she looks better in this George magazine photo. Assuming that the photo hasn't been retouched.
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This is just pure gossip but... On NPR today her publisher associate (obviously not friend) was saying that she had two plastic surgeries. The second surgery was needed to fix the botched first one.
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she said that herself during the 20/20 interview. she did have two surgeries.
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Ahem. As a political appointee, she was supposed to submit her resignation. Like other political appointees who DID NOT submit resignations, she was fired Friday, this being the last business day before the new administration.

The Linda-Tripp-is-a-fine-upstanding-citizen crowd is trying to make some awfully smelly hay out of a traditional slate-cleaning that is done by all exiting presidents.
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