The water is reversible, but time is not...
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"The trick to education is to teach people in such a way that they don't realize they're learning until it's too late."
Fluorescein-dyed water appears suspended in midair, only to "flow" upwards moments later. The careful dance of a splashing drop is frozen and taken for granted, painstakingly analyzed in a brilliant defiance of how water should behave. Such is the wonder of what modder Nate True calls his Time Fountain (YouTube embedded & worth it)—a well-documented, DIY version of classic science center favorite, the Water Piddler. MIT's own Strobe Alley is lined with photos created using the same technology, pioneered by Harold Eugene Edgerton, a professor whose work you're almost certainly familiar with. Naturally, some beautiful pieces have followed under the same ideal, courtesy Martin Waugh.
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It's like a highlighter and a Brothers Quay video had sex!
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"The trick to education is to teach people in such a way that they don't realize they're learning until it's too late."

Who says? I like learning.
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What Sound Looks Like.
Modder Nate True Ture is amazing.
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There's another one of these set up at the very cool MIT Museum, along with more Edgerton exhibits. (Also worth seeing at the MIT Museum is the Arthur Ganson exhibit.)
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Well, the Time Fountain link is borked. Anybody have a link directly to the youtube page?
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A PIC16F628 suitably programmed

He had me up until that point. I really want to make one otherwise... that is really a beautiful display, especially with the stream manipulation. I'd like to see one of these that was scaled up to a large size! Thanks for the great post, now I'm going to skulk around feeling inferior about my lack of knowledge on programming microcontrollers.
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LED/Time Fountain is the link to the YouTube video, I believe.
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MITfilter (just kidding, my mind is all goatse-open)
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/me is confused by weapons-grade pandemonium...

Nate True? (I'm positive that's at least the Time Fountain guy's name...)
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It's a pun, disillusioned.
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Using nonvisible light whose effects on the object are visible as the strobe is such a fantastic idea that I think I may have to go rest for awhille.

Indeed, and I bet it doesn't have a seizure risk either.
Very cool.
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The strikethrough confused me on absolutely no sleep, wow.

heh. heh. nature. heh. :p
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Wow... seeing the Youtube video, that is DAMN cool.
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