Cam Whoring 2.0
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Stickam One might be tempted to dismiss it at first glance as just a video-enabled Myspace clone for emo teens with webcams; but looking past that you'll find a fairly robust and platform-independent Flash-based webcam broadcast and videoconferencing app. There's a profile page with an embedabble Flash viewer, a full screen personal conference popup with privacy options, group video chat rooms, and hosted galleries for photo, video and audio content. Is this the advent of Cam Whoring 2.0? (Oh, and see if you can catch the Pissed-Off Caveman online. It's a webcam pointed at a decked-out Robot Chimpanzee Head.)
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(Found via, of all things, 4chan/b/ (nsfw), where they regularly stage impromptu boob raids on various camgirl targets. Yeah, really classy. Also check out Stickam's managament team. You know it's good if it's coming out of Japanese brains, right?)
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off-topic: what is an "impromptu boob raid". (Sorry if following that link would explain, but I am work.)
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They lost points with this FAQ item: " Internet Explorer 5.2 or higher for Macintosh."

Web sites need to stop telling people to install a product that hasn't existed in 3 years. You can't even d/l it from Microsoft anymore.


This site looks like a breeding ground for underage sex lawsuits.
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Ok, I looked around a bit more. holy cow. There are 13 year old girls on there with webcams. Most of the profiles say stuff like "I don't get naked, so don't ask" and/or "anyone over 24 is an old perv so don't even talk to me."

yeah, this site kind of sounds like a ticking lawsuit bomb just waiting to go off. time to firewall it off! :)
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An "impromptu boobcam raid" would be something like this:

Me: *Sees some lovely young lady of dubious legality exposing herself on a webcam*


(or whatever not, a real link)

And then the entire 4chan crew tries to log onto her Stickam at once to both harass and be titilated by the poor girl.

This tactic is also popular against professional camgirls.

Now that this is out in the clear, are we going to go raid Habbo or what?
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Too late. Pool's closed.
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Pedo concerns aside, here's my Stickam conference page as an example, though right now it's just showing my cat. The cool part about Stickam is, it's streaming, it's live, and I didn't need to set up a cam server or even download software to do it. It's all running from a browser window.
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Brownpau, I'm in there right now and I can see your cat. I can also hear your room.
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brownpau: this is off topic as all hell, but..

oh my god, what an adorable cat!

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Holy crap, that was scary. Brownpau just talked to me. I deliberately didn't turn on my camera, and he still saw that I was viewing his video feed.
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Bah! I missed the Brownpau show. When is it on again? It better not be on at the same time as "House"!

PS: does the cat get nekkid?
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Except that I hate things resizing my browser, this looks pretty cool.
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Sorry, I forgot that the personal conference URL is meant to open in a popup, and I guess it comes with some resize javascript. My reflex in Opera is to maximize everything.
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Ah, I opened it in a tab, so I guess must take some of the blame.
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