street soccer and we are homeless, homeless
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The Homeless World Cup: "Yes, there is a World Cup for homeless people, made possible with help from corporate sponsors such as Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola and Bank of America."
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That's so cool. On one hand, obviously, you think that there are more cost-efficient ways to help the homeless than flying them around the world for tournaments, but on the other, its a brilliant way to resocialize the down-and-out. And as team sports go, not many require less equipment than soccer.
posted by gsteff at 8:53 PM on August 9, 2006

A great idea, although unfortunately, sometimes the host countries think being poor and homeless should be a barrier to a visa.
posted by karmaville at 9:03 PM on August 9, 2006

Given the behavior of professional soccer players, one can assume that this will give birth to new and interesting atrocities.
posted by Operation Afterglow at 11:20 PM on August 9, 2006

To get to where I used to work (and to downtown), I have to take the bus through skid row. Every day I would see the junkies and the homeless and the not-wanted in the park and on the streets just hanging out, and doing whatever they do to stay alive. If this were to give even a few people the ability to move on or to change their lives, if they need it, then I'm for it.

"The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started."
-- Norman Cousins.

posted by Zack_Replica at 1:35 AM on August 10, 2006

Not enough scoring in soccer. Besides, Bumfights has more action.
posted by quite unimportant at 2:12 AM on August 10, 2006

If something it's endorsed by Ringo Starr, it couldn't be so evil.
posted by darkripper at 3:45 AM on August 10, 2006

I remember that in last year's tournament in Scotland, some players were refused access to the country because 'they couldn't satisfy immigration officials they had the means to support themselves while in the country'.
posted by PurpleJack at 5:59 AM on August 10, 2006

Um, shouldnt the sponsors give them a house or something instead?

Just sayin.
posted by T.D. Strange at 9:00 AM on August 10, 2006

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