Prints by Michael Burghers
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Large scans of plates, largely for Robert Plot’s Natural History of Staffordshire (1686). You can view more of Burghers work here.
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Fulltable is an excellent image site with both digital books and the eclectic visual telling of a story sections.

It is a damn shame that since Chris Mullen had (?) to move his material off the Brighton University servers that the pages are often very slow to load. Nonetheless he has a wonderful collection, the majority of which is available nowhere else online. Definitely worth a timesink if you like esoteric and rare engravings and prints.

And I would happily take up residence in any of those houses mansions thanks tellurian.
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Definitely worth a timesink
Tell me about it! I spent hours there today. I saw so much that I thought worth posting and decided on the Burghers stuff (obviously of no worth [judging by the comments] to most Metafiltarians).
RE: The relocation - I can't wait for him to get a proper index up. It's a total mess at the moment (reconstruction-wise) and I resorted to 'Google linked pages' to have a look at what was available.
The pages that most took my fancy were the 'Tom Tit Experiments' but because of your pervasive internet presence I always check whether you have covered stuff (figuring that most people have already seen it through BibliOdyssey, and of course they had). Kudos, peacay, but damn! you make it hard to post book illustrations (something close to my heart, and why I like your site so much).
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tellurian, Seconding your interest in the Fulltable site. I really enjoy old engravings. Your post prompted me to Google Robert Plot and a bit about his life and times. The geography of Staffordshire.

I like some of Michael Burghers' other work too.
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tellurian writes "(obviously of no worth [judging by the comments] to most Metafiltarians)"
Somethings are loved offsite I guess.
Thanks for the link to the Oxford Museum of Science nickyskye - they have a good image dbase.
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Good links nickyskye. Lovely description of him: "convivial disposition, bibulous and jovial". I liked this too: "Dr Plot was the first person in the modern world to describe a dinosaur bone, although he thought it was a giant human"!!!!!!
Thanks for the heads up peacay. Also, are you able to see the larger sized images in that database? I can view the thumbnails but when I click for a larger image I get brief glimpse and then a 'The page cannot be found'.
posted by tellurian at 11:01 PM on August 10, 2006

Heh. tellurian, it's a bit like a sport it seems. I had a bit more luck with image source/copying link location/new tab. Very strange. And very annoying. I dropped them a line to ask if it was a fault or a tactic.
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