Government hacking abound!
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Government hacking abound! I hate it when a group of kids do a big .gov and .mil defacement. Then all the other kids start puffing themselves up and try to outdo each other. S'cuse me while I break out my virtual lawnchair... and please pass the mint julep.
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Not to be picky or anything, but given that your name is at the bottom of that page, isn't this a self-promotion post?
posted by aaron at 11:14 PM on January 19, 2001're right. I've posted a few posts in the past that would appear "self-promotional" however I am usually careful to think about them first.

One of the other staffers at did a great round-up of defacements in 2000 that has been covered in CNet, IT Week, and the SV Report. It was my thought that if the media is covering the defacements of the President of Iran and President of Bulgaria Web sites....then this would be of particular interest to the media and perhaps MeFi's would enjoy hearing about it first.
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I told you (InfoWorld, The Register, and the Sydney Morning Herald).
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