The Alhambra
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A virtual tour of Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces and Generalife. [flash]
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If you want to avoid the Saudi Aramco site for some reason you can maybe access the tour here. I'm not sure though because it told me that I didn't have a required plug-in.
If it starts to get boring you can play 'find the copyright message' :-)
posted by tellurian at 12:24 AM on August 11, 2006

Went there last month - It's amazing but waaaaaay too much to take in the allotted time your tickets allow you - especially in the 40C heat Grenada was experiencing at the time. If you're thinking of going make sure you buy your tickets in advance as the queues are horrendous.
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Actually, if you plan to visit, book a room at either Hotel America (cheap) or the Parador (expensive). They are both inside the complex and thus their guests get to enjoy certain special privileges ...
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Good tip magullo. I was puzzled by oh pollo!'s comment and how it would be policed so I went to the site and read about the ticket conditions. If you don't mind expanding, what are the 'certain special privileges…'?
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I had many yearts ago walked most of that grand place--I was in very good shape at the time. Dope that I am, I kept seeing signs saying "General Life," and I thought he must be some famous military guy they were homoring. Later I discovered it meant: Nature!
Washinbgton Irving writes up this place in a book.
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I've stayed at both Hotel America (The Clintons stayed there on their trip to Granada) and the Parador. I think one of the best things about being up there is being able to roam the grounds at night. My friend and I went down into town bought a six pack of Cerveza Alhambra and went back up and watched the city lights all evening. Very cool.
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The Clintons stayed at Hotel America (cheap)!!! Was the Parador booked out? - enquiring minds want to know.
'Cerveza Alhambra' - beer or champagne? (6 pack leads me to the former, but you never know)
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Its very hard to get reservations at that Parador (although you would think it would not be too hard for a president!). Not sure why they decided to stay at Hotel America.

Cerveza is beer en Español.
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What beautiful ornamentation in the Nasrid Palaces, esp. in the Mexuar Oratory, Hall of the Abencerrajes, Hall of the Two Sisters, and Mirador de Lindaraja. Thanks, tellurian.

(It doesn't sound like the most tourist-friendly spot, though.)
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Visiting the Alhambra about 8 years ago is still one of my enduring, mind-altering travel memories. It's just amazing the amount of time an effort that has gone into that place over the years.

Definitely buy your tickets on the web ahead of time. We just walked straight in.
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