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2 years ago I FPP'd FlavorPill, a company that sends out permission-based emails for books (Boldtype), music (Earplug), and fashion (the JC Report). They've since added ArtKrush (it's art, stupid! - nsfw) and Activate (world events) to their aresenal. In addition to the topic-specific mailing lists, they offer city-specific lists for London, New York, SF, LA, and Chicago. Sample issues are archived on the site.
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Thanks for the reminder, dobbs. Reminds me a bit of kultureflash (london specific).
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:) i interned (read: worked nearly for free) for these gents in nyc in the summer of '02. always glad to see their plan for world domination expanding.
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RSS is the new mailinglist.
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The London Flavo(u)rPill is really good - constantly throwing up interesting events that you'd easilt miss whilst slogging through TimeOut. UrbanJunkies is ok too, but has a higher "sickenly uber-hip promo" to "hmm looks good event" ratio.
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RSS is the new mailinglist.

I disagree and think that mailing lists leave a very different impression than looking at things on the web. As someone who's run multiple lists for almost a decade now, I'd say there's a different type of familiarity or intimacy or even sincerity that comes across in email that is never present (in my experience) on the web.
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The Chicago Flavorpill is pretty wack.

I'm sure it's convenient for someone who doesn't want to spend five minutes flipping through The Reader but it lists almost entirely the same shows that are recommended on the front page of the Arts and Music sections, except fewer of them.
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