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True stories, told in one sentence [via Projects]. More single sentence stories (and such) at Scrine [truthiness not guaranteed]. They have a kind of lame contest on right now, but check out some of the older entries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
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What great sentences!

A little reminiscent of Canadian Literary Magazine NFG's Great 69er contest, all very short stories (69 words, varying numbers of sentences).
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As a juxtaposition; nanofiction. Some of these stories show up as character flavor text on the card game Chrononauts. From the same guys that make another game I like to play.. Fluxx.

No I don't work for them just enjoy passing the time.
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They seem to be bloodless jokes that do not make me laugh.

It is like Bunny and Cat and Girl - cartoons that do not make me laugh.

At least it does not take long, leaving us more time for work and youtube.
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Some of them have a hakuesque quality to them in that they try to capture a mood or a season in a few words; but there are also some that are cheating ... they try to get around the one-sentence restriction by splicing sentences with semicolons or so.
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This one time, at band camp...
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They have a kind of lame contest on right now

Contest? There's no contest... the site's just open for user submissions.

[BTW -- thanks for the link. The site's just getting started.]
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Woops - my bad. Just noticed the contest comment referred to Scrine.

*will eventually learn to read beyond one sentence*
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I meant that Scrine has a contest on - users are encouraged to submit entries in 'fortune cookie' style. Sorry for the confusion.
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*will eventually learn to use preview*
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The inauspicious morning - having to fish the truck keys out of a long-drop outhouse before breakfast - proved to be telling when we were caught in a brushfire before lunch and, then, before dinner, found ourselves between an enraged mother with a pick-axe and a half-blind demented woman with a rusty fishknife, each intent on doing bodily harm to the other; indeed, we learned to mistrust mealtimes as a simple survival skill.

/true story
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