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Eat your vegetables, they are good for you. the goal ... it seemed so ambitious at the time! ... was to cook a vegetable, with new recipes and new vegetables, every single day for an entire month. (Why? Because our diets need more vegetables. Because vegetables are too often an after-thought. And because it's easy to get stuck in a veggie rut.) But after a month, it felt like I was just getting started ... and the asparagus was calling. And then ... 365 days of new vegetables and new recipes.
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Awesome! I've been in a veggie rut, so this is jusy what I need.
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(I'd use a few more exclamation marks there, except I just... can't. He would, though. Obviously.)
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Some of the recipes look okay-ish, but I must say I'm a wee bit suspicious of food writer who seems to think you can sauté (a word she can't spell) vegetables by boiling them stock, and appears to used tinned or frozen vegetables in half her recipes.
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Half her recipes? Which ones? I see a few recipes that clearly use frozen, but no canned vegetables so far. And what kind of canned vegetables? Canned tomatoes are pretty damn good, canned peas, not.

And I've seen both "saute" and "sauté" in the blog. I'm not sweating that. This blog's value is in bringing together a lot of good veggie recipes in one place.
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Where's the one with a new type of meat every day for a year? Mmmmm, stoat!
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Has bacon. Like from a pig.
The titles of the recipes are so descriptive that they actually make me a little hungry.
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Canned peas are made for eating straight out of the can.
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No, canned peas are made for eating when you are in a fallout shelter. Eat them straight out of the can while *in* a can.

Come on, frozen peas are like a buck a pound.
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I have always loved vegetables. However, it was a trip to Rebar, whose cookbook is not to be missed, which really opened my eyes to how creative one could be with vegetables. Thank you weapons-grade pandemonium. I have been to a lot of vegetarian restaurants in college towns and they were always too heavy on the beans and cheese and too light on flavor and subtlety. Rebar changed my life. That's kind of cool.
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Take any fresh vegetables. Chop. Add to pan with hot oil. Stir till soft. Add soy sauce. Takes 15 minutes, no thinking, tastes great.
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stbalbach, you may enjoy it even more if you don't cook them until they're soft, but let up and leave some bite to 'em.
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stbalbach, the world of vegetables lives in fear of your hot, oily pan and dark, salty soy sauce.
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This is easy and healthy.

cook any vegetables until slightly crispy in the oven.
Add something spicy. Ginger, Peppers, Chili's etc.

The Hot adds the flavor, the oven adds texture, and nobody adds the fat/sugar/salt.

mmm. spicy.
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