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Yury Gitman and his students make electronic toys: Pululus; Mr. Spoon Man; even a Katamari! Learn how they make them, inside and out. More about Yury at we make money not art and his own website.
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Pululus are a type of semiotic aliens who are extremely friendly and love living on top of people's heads.

This word, I do not think it signifies what you think it signifies.

Hilarious site, thank you!
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What I mean is that they distract us and divert us from meaningful experiences, to the extent that our souls are softly hushed into silence.

wow. that is the most succint indictment of consumerism I have ever read, and it's also one of the most beautiful sentences. it's hard to even wrap my head around that sentiment and its URL coexisting.

I'll softly hush now...
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I would SO buy that Katamari toy.
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