The Burryman
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Every year the The Burryman makes his appearance at the Ferry Fair Festival. It has now been revealed how he copes with all that whisky.
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Don't be fooled. If I know Australians, and I do, this is just an elaborate scheme some clever drunk came up with to score some free booze.

/ I kid, I kid!
posted by The Card Cheat at 10:15 PM on August 13, 2006

Australians? He's in Scotland.
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can we maintain a little separation from FARK here?


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No, no we cannot.
posted by 517 at 10:44 PM on August 13, 2006

will search fark before posting in future


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These pictures, originally made for FUN, cover the annual preparation and pergrination of The Burry man (or Burryman), who walks around South Queensferry one Friday every August - to safeguard the herring catch.

Herring catch: Let's nae be caught this year! Let's tell them, fook it, we're nae gonna be eaten this year!

Burryman: Could someone scratch my back? I canna reach it in a' these burrrs.

Herring catch: Fook. It's him. We're for it, lads.
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If I try to say "I'm the Ferry Fair Burryman" in a Scottish accent, I already sound drunk.
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Things to give me unsettling dreams, Parts Being One: The annual appearance of a burrcovered ambulatory being.
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Wow. Was the OMGWTFCAPSLOCK really necessary?
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Upon further review...if I know Scots, and I do...

*slinks away red-faced*
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The Internets is a series of tubes... with whiskey at the end of it.

You'd have to get me to drink a lot of whiskey before I'd get into one of those outfits. Looks painful.
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will search internet before posting in…

hang on!!

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