CBC Blogging Manifesto
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CBC Blogging Manifesto Tired of waiting for CBC, Canada’s national public broadcaster, to come up with a blogging policy, CBC bloggers – including the infamous pseudonymous blogger A. Ouimet – charge ahead and write one themselves.
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I dunno, I just spent a week watching the CBC (Computer died, no cable). Based on what I saw, a blogging policy/manifesto/marketing scheme really shouldn't be the MotherCorp.'s main concern right now.
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A little more background would be useful for this post: What are CBC's problems, exactly?
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lol that's a nice pseudonym..
A. Ouimet - Ah oui, mais.. - Ah yes, but..
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CBC's problems are that the only really good things to watch on CBC are The National, the 10pm news show — and it really is very well done news, in my humble media-crazy opinion — and Hockey Night in Canada. They have some very good programming for kids in the morning, and there's a couple okay things on CBC Newsworld (a separate cable-only channel).

Primetime, there's just nothing on CBC. When Canadians watch television, at least in my experience, the comment, "oh, this is a Canadian show" is almost always disparaging. We make bad TV.
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^ bad TV is not such a horrible problem; maybe it means people are actually socializing or doing something worthwhile like thinking, reading, exercising or interacting with their kids. :)

I was very disappointed when CBC was dropped from our satellite service in NC. It was the only televised place to get unemotionally delivered international news, not just who's suing/screwing whom and football/baseball/nascar which is pretty much all you get here.
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Well, if you don’t view it as a “main concern” it’ll never get done. And it wasn’t being done. So the bloggers took it into their own hands.
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CBC Radio rocks, except for the new Freestyle show in the afternoon, which is just embarrassing. I miss Sad Goat.

The problem with CBC TV, in my opinion, can be summed up in a name:
George Stromboulopolis
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I don't know how you guys can criticize Canadian television when they give us such treasures as this.
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Aw shit, it's waaay to early for that... ghak, I closed the YouTube before it even started to play, and that damn song's stuck in my head anyway!!!

"Like a muffin or a beeet!"

/Adds magodesky to The List.
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I used to work at the CBC's headquarters in Toronto.

The mature side of me thinks the CBC is a valuable service for all Canadians, especially the radio side of it, and that it should be better funded in order to more properly fulfill its mandate

The vengeful, bridge-burning side of me says the place should be burned to the ground and the land converted into a swamp so that nothing can ever be built there again.
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The problem with CBC TV, in my opinion, can be summed up in a name:
George Stromboulopolis

George is one in a long line of a certain type of CBC talent, the guy meant to reach out to the young people, who comes to the CBC when they think he has some hip q score but when he might be starting to realize he needs to consider taking out a mortgage and maybe getting himself a cottage. Daniel Richler, Ralph Benmurgi, Jonathon Torrance, Avi Lewis, Gian Ghomeshi, George Stromboulopolis. Start out as the What The Kids Are Listening To Now correspondent for awhile on radio then move that into a show at 8 on Newsworld, do the occasional special correspondent gig on some cultural topic for the National, become the vacation fill-in for everyone, then become the go to guy for pet projects from the VPs. When they get too old and lose their supposed edge they'll go off to write their novel or the corp will them find a corner office. If they were female they'd be made Governor General.

As a long-time CBC Radio listener, I've always considered it a place of privilege, a farm league for the chattering class, full of smart people with advanced degrees who live in cubicles and don't produce much of anything that ever gets out to me in the audience, where all but a skeleton staff takes off the whole summer as if they were perpetually in school, and I don't think I want to read their blogs where they bitch about having to televise hockey or the cluelessness of the suits upstairs.

But not everything Canadians make is bad TV. Not everything is The Littlest Hobo. The Newsroom and Made In Canada could be as good as anything anywhere, shows like This is Wonderland have their moments, and while I only began watching Our Hero because a friend from school made it, I thought it was quite funny, and advanced in its subject matter considering that it was supposed to be a show for youngsters. But the schedulers moved it all over.

Now my major complaint with the CBC: Why, when I'm watching a movie on your network at 1 in the morning, do you keep interrupting it with promos for Marketplace and The Nature of Things? If none of your ad people work on commission and thus find no need to sell advertising space outside of primetime, why not just show me the movie uncut and stop giving me bathroom breaks for interruptions that are bringing in no cash to finance the broadcasting of the movie. Thanks.
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