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OTR Network.. Free archives of over 11,000 old radio shows, get your Jack Benny fix here ! Yeah, they use RealPlayer, but it's still pretty cool.
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I love stuff like this. Gorbless old radio.
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Yeah, they use RealPlayer...

Given the recording quality of many old radio programs, this is no problem, and it's nice to be able to hear some of these. Thanks for the link.
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Thanks! I haven't heard the crash of Fibber McGee's closet since my Mom got me some oldtime radio show cassettes when I was in grade school. The depth of what they have hear is pretty impressive. And 32 You Bet Your Lifes!
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Don't forget there's the free RealAlternative, which lets you play Realmedia files without installing RealPlayer (and all its bullshit).
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Wow. Damn this is good.
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I got hooked on these radio dramas after getting XM radio a few years ago, and it looks like this site has even more than they do!
Recommendations: "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" ("the man with the action-packed expense account...America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator." Check out this site for more info: http://www.wayback.net/jd.htm), Gunsmoke, The Whistler and The Lives of Harry Lime (pre-The Third Man, obviously).
Great stuff - thanks for linkage
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Me, I'ma dig on Jack Benny.
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Other Old Time Radio goodness can be found here and here:
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"Gunsmoke", "The Six-Shooter", "The Saint", "Benny", "Bickersons", "Boston Blackie".

William Conrad was a far better, more nuanced Matt Dillon than James Arness could ever be. They'd have cast him too, 'cept he kept breaking the horses.

To bad they don't have any of the Nero Wolfe shows -- those were great too.
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Just noticed they have The Judy Canova Show.

Check that out and you'll get to hear gobs of early Mel Blanc.
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I just caught a couple of these on the radio while driving around Wisconsin last night. I love the noir ones: "There's nothing like stepping out of a warm shower into a hot murder." I'm excited to hear more; this site looks great (except for the Real Player thing. Anyone have any tricks for downloading for later listening on an mp3 player or cd, that might be easier than TotalRecorder or the like?).
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I squee, I bounce! My personal favorites are Sam Spade and Suspense! I have a thing for the letter S, apparently. You've gotta love detectives who use lines like "She wore a nightgown that started at the floor and stopped unexpectedly."
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