If you meet the Buddha downtown, kill him!
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Holy Madness! (Flash interface.) The Rubin Museum of Art in New York City has launched a website that allows you to pore over and compare Tibetan Buddhist artwork from their exhibits. Use the "Decode" feature to pick paintings apart and learn about their intricate components.

See also: their ambitious calendar of events.
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I randomly wandered into this museum a while back, and a friendly curator named Juliet spontaneously gave me a guided tour of three floors. Not only is the museum gorgeous, but their free movie nights are a lot of fun: I got to see a screening of My Dinner With Andre that was inconcievably attended by Wallace Shawn himself, who happens to live nearby (though I suspect he was also interested in promoting his revival of "The Threepenny Opera" that had just begun its run on Broadway at Studio 54).
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Nice, thanks hermitosis - bkra shis bde legs!
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Almost FPPed this, but I'll be more modest as not to create two back-to-back Tibet posts:
"The reincarnation of the Panchen Lama has been regulated since the Qing dynasty, that is, since the 17th century."
Der Spiegel interviews the Communist Party Chief of Tibet. [via Political Theory Daily Review]
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Nice find. This is a terrific way to explore artwork.
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Thanks trinarian! I added tags to include your material.
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Wow. What a great tool...
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Ooooh, lovely.
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Wonderful site Hermitosis, thanks!
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Imagine having this kind of information in your eye while you visit a museum, with some kind of augmented reality gadget. It could be quite cool.
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Excellent links. I'll add this to my vacation travels around NYC next week. I've never been to this museum. Thanks!
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...and thanks for the Der Speigel interview too, trinarian. Mr. Zhang sounded like an automaton.
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I wish people would just stop making stuff that requires Flash 8 until there's a plugin for it for Linux.
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This museum is in the former home of Barneys — talk about your karmic chameleon!
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Brilliant site. Thanks hermitosis. Can't believe it's in the old Barney's building, which is huge. They must be expecting a lot of visitors.

The amazing Himalayan Art Resource has the Rubin museum's images online too.

And as an additional link, photos of a Tibetan "sky burial" taken from wonderful plep's previous post about Tibetan art.
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Tibetan Wi-Fi Website Attacked
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Tibetan Wi-Fi Website Attacked

In Dharmsala, they'll probably get a cyber Mahakala as a firewall.
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