Is it the shoes?
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The Berlutis have been making shoes for four generations. Often at Maison Berluti relationships are formed around the language of shoes. Men gather for shoe-polishing sessions, where champagne flows.
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Oops! that last link has a funky redirect, so to see what I'm talking about, on the history page, click the link for Swann Club.
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Cute site. Snazzy shoes. They're not my cup of tea but still impressive. Others consider them to be the crème de la crème of footwear. Ready to wear pair starts at $900, made to order at $4300.
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NICE shoes!
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Pepsi Shoe!
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I'm extremely suspicious of people who can afford $4300 shoes. Jealous too.
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My favorite handmade shoes are by this company.
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Worn Again's Spring/Summer 2006 Shoe Collection is made from salvaged car leather, used coffee sacks, old t-shirts, used jeans, and surplus military jackets.

And the next time you have a blowout, spare that tire for a little more mileage.
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Coincidentally, there's an article in this month's National Geographic that includes Berluti and talks about the Swann Club.
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That's not a coincidence. I'm a subscriber. I didn't see that article on their website; thanks for posting it!
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try this link to the NatGeo article.
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Yea, I'm a subscriber too. I suspected it wasn't a coincidence :)
posted by jdfan at 6:46 AM on August 21, 2006

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