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Heard of Girls Gone Wild? Of course you have, but what about Girls Gone Wild - Baghdad? or Black Girls Gone Wild? How about Golden Girls Gone Wild (contains partial blurred puppet nudity)? Into fetishes? what about Blind Chicks Gone Wild? Of course no GGW link compendium would be complete without the GGW segment from The Daily Show which aired a while back. (yes, it's YouTube. They all are.)
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I think the folks on YouTube have summarized the GGW - Baghdad situation sufficiently:

2hard2beat (1 week ago)
The words don't even relate to "Baghdad"... If only you read arabic and realised what's written. The words say "Oman", "The Weather Forecast", "locals", and "Important Websites 19.99$" :P just thought of letting you know. I request you delete this video as it's an insult to my people. Thanx
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Luront (1 week ago)
hey...2hard2beat...did someone offend another person? Oh I'm sorry, welcome to the human race...if you don't like this video don't watch it. Plus a lot more people have posted this vid on youtube just so you know.
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Actually, the've summarized quite a few situations sufficiently.
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Damn. I just got through the rest of the videos... lame.
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Metafilter: Yes, it's YouTube. They all are.
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That Colbert segment was the thing that started me on the road to drooling Colbert fandom.

It was that report, and the time when Al Sharpton stood the Daily Show up that did it. They had Colbert do the interview portion of the show with Stewart, introducing him as Sharpton and everything. Hilarity ensued.
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I'm surprised that you didn't mention the most disturbing of them all: Gimps Gone Wild. Then again, that's porn.
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I'm waiting for Girls Gone Mild, myself. Y'know, a bunch of women sitting around the house sipping coffee, watching TV, reading books, that kind of thing. But, like, naked.
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I thought Iraq, as a secular place under Hussein, didn't make their women cover up if they didn't want to...
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