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Asian Beat.An introduction to the music scene which flourished in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore in 1964-1969. From Tofu Magazine.
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oops! scroll right.
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Some absolutely fabulous album jackets, not to mention band names like the Zoundcrackers. Good find.
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I hope other Singaporean me-fiers (dost thine exist?!) can correct me when I say this, but save the occassional band at CHIJMES or Sentosa, there's very little rock out here lately.

(Or rather, I've found very few homegrown, contemporary English-singing groups; or, am I not looking in the right places?)
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Nice links. I've heard a lot of this stuff and it's pretty good. I wonder if playing for GI's on leave from Vietnam helped them get their chops up on Brit/American pop hits.
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Great find onkelchrispy! Woo hoo! Totally my cuppa chai! And the Tofu Magazine site rocks.
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Thanks onkelchrispy, that's fabulous. I've listened to The October Cherries' Barabajagal constantly today.
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Y'know, it really does wonders to Donovan's songs when they're played by someone else, which, amusingly enough, is how my wife feels about Bob Dylan's songs.
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Enjoying The Reynettes' Kowloon Hong Kong and Rescue Me. Love it! omg The Lotus' Spoonful Of Sugar, "so sweeeet".

Japanese ye ye singers from the mid 60's, YouTube.

1963, old fashioned Japanese crooner, Kitajima Saburo, YT.

Aoe Mina (Isezakichou Blues - 1968), YT.
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