sacreligious smackdown?
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Wrestling for Jesus. Not entirely without precedent, I guess.
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See also Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.
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Can you smell what the rock of our faith is cooking?
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Boy, I oughta have saved this link.
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These guys have been around for years. But they only wrestle metal bars and handcuffs and the like. Wrestling each other would be too gay.
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There's Cornholing for Jesus (bracket 15).
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Does he come out bleeding from the brow and palms, or are the wounds re-opened durring the fight?
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I've never liked the 'coming out bleeding' gimmic, it tends to undercut the efforts of the other Hardcore wrestlers out there. I will say that "The Armageddon Piledriver" is a great finishing move though.
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Will this help people avoid the perils of the WWE's "McMahonism," perhaps? (And whatever happened to Brother Love?)

The staged or "worked" world that pro wrestling fans suspend disbelief to enjoy is one of absolutes. Clearly defined dichotomies--moral, ethical, cultural, etc.--structure the vast majority of kayfabe narratives. (As the Wikipedia entry for "kayfabe" points out, there is a role playing-style alignment system in place.) Perhaps an especially receptive audience for the kind of religious work that the fellows at WFJ want to perform?
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Ted DiBiase (who I remember Paul Bosch introducing every Saturday night at 10:00pm on Houston Wrestling while I was growing up,) and Sting have totally gone this route.
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While the lyrics don't seem to be available on-line, the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz has been puttin' the Sleeper Hold on Satan for over fifteen years now.
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Please send all prayer request to someone from our contacts page.

I looked, but God doesn't appear to be among their contacts.
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That roster page: fine buncha kristchun boys. Wonder if they pummel each other with actual Bibles in the ring?

Man, there's some weird shit going on in Amurika...
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They don't offer a lot of info about what they actually do in the ring, but one of the articles they link has some amazing details:

Vaughn, the group's pastor, calls himself an "oddball" who has always searched for different ways to outreach. "If you spin that attitude with a Christian message," he says of wrestling, "it works."

Not completely. Many churches won't even consider letting them perform. Once, a disgusted group of deacons barred the troupe from ever returning after seeing a show, said James "Hunter" Barrett, the group's vice president and one of the show's stars...

And there's always the danger of a live performance going disastrously awry. During the Augusta show, that's just what happened: Blackmon got into a squabble with a spindly 17-year-old referee that soon got out of hand.

Before long, the two were really fighting, with the teen angrily cursing while Blackmon pounded on his back. Babies began screaming, organizers froze and the confused audience of 50 awkwardly looked on.

Soon, the teen's parents had ditched their posts at the concession stand and jumped in the ring to break up the fight, helped by confused performers who had long-since changed into street clothes.

Before the red-faced announcers dismissed the stunned audience, a panting Blackmon took the mic, blaming personal problems for the fight.

"I'm supposed to be a man of God and I wasn't," he said, kneeling in the center of the ring. "To show that I am, I want to get down in front of everyone and pray."

After an uncomfortable silence, he stretched face-down on the center of the ring and wept.

Holy shit. That sounds great.
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$20 on Goliath.
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The Ultimate Warrior (who legally changed his name to "Warrior") is now a conservative commentator, who said "queering doesn't make the work work" and explaining that if everyone were a homosexual, the world would die out. He also threatened to sue Rich Kyanka after being featured as an "awful link of the day".

He later insulted two wrestling commentators, calling them "a queer" and "a cripple".
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"work world work"

Still waiting on that edit button.
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All their performances are in South Carolina, and mostly at churches. If that isn't preaching to the saved, I don't know what is.
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Didn't WKRP have a radio televangelist who was a former wrestler? The Reverend Little Ed Pembrook?
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