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"Don't Download This Song." A free, and rather hilarious, download from "Weird Al" Yankovic done in the 'charity gospel' "We are the World" style, including a few gems in the lyrics like "even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong." Direct MP3 link. Music video evidently coming shortly.
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I know that I only started robbing liquor stores after I realized how easy breaking international copyright law could be.
posted by null terminated at 8:05 PM on August 22, 2006

Yankovic made better music when he was on heroin. Or maybe that was Steve Tyler, I'll have to check my MP3 stash.
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Music video link, evidently. Not on Macs (crap).
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Not on Windows either, apparently.
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From the video link:

"We regret that Yahoo! Music videos are not currently supported for Macintosh."

That would be reasonable, only I'm using Linux. I'll leave Yahoo to the yahoos, I guess.
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Derail: I snuck in under the IE6 user-agent string; looks like it requires the ActiveX plugin in order to play it.
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"How else can I afford another solid gold humvee?"

Can't wait to see the video...
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Hmmm. Mac users may be able to use LyFox.
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Awesome video. I wonder if Bill Plympton did the animation for it.
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if someone with more time and skill and intrest wants to decode this file

It contains the javascript that should eventually lead to the raw video file, which I think is some form of flash. the function call you are looking for is playvideos, which is replaced by playvideo and the video ID number is 35255383
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Next up: Weird Al takes on the Janet Jackson boob kerfluffle!
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Can't say I liked the video... could have been a lot funnier if it had parodied the 'charity gospel' genre in the same way the song does.
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Afrob - I thought the same thing. Wikipedia sez it is Plympton.
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good song. I'll wait for the video when I can download it.
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Wow, only six years behind the times.
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Don't get me started on wikipedia, Guy.
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YouTube Link. Be warned, the quality doesn't do Bill Plympton's work justice.
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... selling crack and running over schoolkids with your car... so don't download this song...
posted by porpoise at 10:51 PM on August 22, 2006

The inestimable MC Frontalot did this song first, and he did it a lot better.
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Is every filesharing program he mentioned spyware or just most of them?

A gigantic pile of meh on the song - I accidentally smiled twice. Video was pretty neat, but would have have been anyway.

And sparkletone is entirely correct. Thanks - I hadn't heard that one.
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His other recent single was a sanctioned free download too (the James Blunt parody).

I'm just holding out for a new polka medley of semi-current popular hits. Those are my favorite of his.
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That video is awesome. Did anyone notice the White Heat parody towards the end? Top of the World, Ma! Heh.
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I was denied the rhyme I wanted for "liquor stores".
posted by Wolfdog at 4:00 AM on August 23, 2006

Man, Bill Plympton never ceases to entertain.
(YouTube's bandwidth).
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Very Good. WAY may not be a stellar lyricist or possess a golden voice, but he has a consistent track record and this sort of parody is sorely needed.
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Ahh, crunchy recursive paradoxical goodness -- how can I resist?


Does this mean Gore's president now?
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I'm just glad he has a new album coming out
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Would have a great parody back in the days of Napster and all that. Now? Not so much.
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I am soooo tempted to post the tablature.

seriously, I already tabbed it (well, chord charted it anyway)... I just don't want to get Matt C&D'd by posting it here -- those bastards
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The direct stream, according to the aforementioned LyFOX, is apparently:


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By the way — to all those who think the song sucks ...

Posit #1: The message espoused by the song and those of the aforementioned artists — namely, that it's ridiculous for the RIAA to be so fucking nutball about this stuff and that they've gone beyond all bounds of common human decency — needs dissemination.

Posit #2: MC InternetStream-A-Lot's dissemination of his song through Internet media is a value represented by the variable x.

Posit #3: Weird Al Yankovic's dissemination of his song through sales of his album on iTMS, record stores, is represented by the variable y.1

Posit #4: y can be expected to be an order of magnitude greater than x.

1I can't get my hands on sales figures for Poodle Hat, but three years after its release, it's still at #5,116 for Music. Not bad.
posted by WCityMike at 5:54 PM on August 23, 2006

Point taken, WCityMike - and well ennumerated for those of us drinking beer.

That said - it's potential impact would possibly have been greater had it actually been funny - if it had been I would have sent the link along to none metafilter friends (all 2 of them). Weird Al didn't used to be Captain Obvious, and as I recall, could occaisionally have some genuinely clever wordplay in his songs. It seems no longer - he's just writing topical doggerel. Admittedly this is just IMHO and YMMV.
posted by Sparx at 10:22 PM on August 24, 2006

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