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Playing cards and tarot cards. An amazing resource about cards with hundreds of scanned decks, and an illustrated timeline of cards through the ages. Cards started in China, but the link to the West was the gorgeous decks of the Marmeluks [Coral cache],which used 52 cards (though the suites were polo sticks, coins, swords, and cups), from there, they spread to Europe and evolved into the tarot and playing cards. Through their history, cards remained art there are many beautiful decks in the past, and 20th century artists like Dali and Hockney created their own decks [coral cache].
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It8217;s a little hard to get around, & some of the text seems hastily-translated; but even so, a fantastic resource indeed: thanks blahblahblah. I was particularly interested to read their theories about the ‘Mantegna Tarocchi.’
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Great post. It's interesting being able to compare card art that spans a few hundred years and still has similar poses.
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Somewhat related, but is there somewhere to buy really well 'crafted' and artistic decks? The last link isn't loading right for me, but i really enjoyed the post.
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Good post. Some years ago I participated in a Funny Animals tarot deck and have known of several artists that have done one of a kind decks for patrons. If you are interested in buying an unusual tarot deck, check this site. Also, for general reference, there is the United States Playing Card history of cards (ignore the website, it has deteriorated).
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Here's another tarot source.
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great stuff
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I've just recently begun collecting playing cards, so i looked forward to this, but that interface makes it near impossible to do anything.
My latest acquisition.
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I wonder if I can just set up some kind of script that would automatically favorites blahblahblah's FPPs. Consistently excellent stuff. Kudos!
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Great post, thanks!

Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.
- Steven Wright

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Bush regime deck
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I can't remember whether I originally came upon the Victoria Regina tarot here on Metafilter, but it's totally out of print now and though I'm mad for it, I can't find a set anywhere.
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Here's another great source of tarot decks, especially if you're in Europe or the UK.
They do have the Victoria Regina, hermitosis, which is a wonderful deck. I also found several copies available on AmazonUK Marketplace.
Aeclectic Tarot is a friendly and informative community - I'm tabbycat there too!
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AT has my current favourite, the Halloween Tarot. Very cool.

Great, just what I needed, another tangent. heh. It's nice to know that the Silicon Valley Tarot is still around, too.
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