Civilisation Vs. The Middle Ages
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Wafa Sultan Speaks Just as, if not more interesting than the content of her speech, are the responses from viewers in the Middle East who are cheering her message.
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Cheering her message?

I didn't read all the comments, but just scanning the first couple of comments, it seems to be all the typical Arabic posturing mixed with the usual conspiracy drivel:

The secular Dr. pretends to know what she's talking about but she's an ignorant buffoon. The Muslims will win, and she and her progeny will lose.

Seen her, hear her, she is an agent for the Jewish State ask anyone where she lives if this is true, or not.

The fact that "the biased anti-Islamic West" derives pleasure in Wafa's presentation is in itself a clear proof that she is playing to the gallery and therefore one cannot take her seriously. It is quite obvious that she strives to get into the good books of her Western masters and finds assaulting Islam as a short cut to achieve her aims. ... We are the best people sent to mankind though the Westerners with their current " Gay Marriage" civilisation cannot comprehend this fact because of the awful social status they have put themselves into now.

Babbling whore!!!
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Dr. Sultan is a very, very brave person to speak these truths. I am sure Fatwas will be forthcoming.

While there are many sources of rage in the Middle East, many of which are rooted in foreign policy errors of the West and historical grievances (both real and imagined) the fact that Islam by and large sealed itself off intellectually in the Early Middle Ages is a depressing truth. The UN’s own Arab Human Development report revealed that fewer books have been translated into Arabic since the 15th Century than have been translated into Spanish on average in one year. What a terrible falling off for a culture that preserved and expanded the knowledge of the classical age as Christendom was stuck in the metaphorical dung hut of the Dark Ages.

While Islamism is a modern fascist movement in its use of technology and propaganda, the thought behind it is extreme and dangerous because it comes from another time and place. A time and place where stoning for perceived transgression was entertainment, heretics of all sorts were burned and public and private morality was mostly brutal, intolerant and barbarous.

Sadly, I fear her message will mainly be heard with those who are receptive to it or already agree.
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banging on the gates of ijtihad. anyone home?
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For some people, she's preaching to the choir, for others she's sniper bait, and most everybody else will either never hear of her or pointedly ignore her.
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God this just screams self-link.
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by the way, it's very very rare for me to notice a spelling error but it's "Civilization" not "Civilisation". Maybe Civilisation is what conservative strive for.
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Yah, self-link.
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by the way, it's very very rare for me to notice a spelling error but it's "Civilization" not "Civilisation". Maybe Civilisation is what conservative strive for.

That's only a mistake if you speak the American variant of English.
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