Animal Accents
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We're Schleswig-Holsteins, darling. (Ah, from the Low Countries.) Cows have accents. Some other animals with accents: birds, otters, frogs, monkeys.
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In Somerset, the cows have a drawl because they're drunk on stomach-fermented apples.
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No other posts tagged with 'moo'?

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This is typical silly-season bullshit. See Mark Liberman (MeFi's myl) at Language Log for refutation, if you need it.
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Shh! British farmers say it's true, so it must be true.
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The scientist's story is a hoot, languagehat. Thanks for that.

I was telephoned by a public relations consultant on behalf of a cheese manufacturing company in Somerset. Was it possible, they asked, that the local cows might moo with a west-of-England accent? I told them that I thought it was highly unlikely, but that there had been serious research showing that various species of bird exhibit geographical variation in their calls. And if birds and human beings have local accents, you can't entirely rule out that cows might too.

The PR company issued a press release. They showed it to me only after they had sent it out...

And he has a blog, of course.
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Take heart, pracowity, in the fact that it was one of the funniest posts I'd read in a while. Darling. :)
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As a former resident of England's west country, and as someone who frequently had cows in my backyard, I can tell you in all honestly that they have west country accents. Devon accents, specifically. One cow will say "Moo," and the next will say, "Ooh arr."
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Keep clear of the moooooors.
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considering that the state is called Schleswig-Holstein, shouldn't it be "we're Schleswig-Holsteiner"?

then again, when I was growing up in that place (Flensburg to be precise), the folks from the south would call is just Fischköppe anyway.

sort of means fishheads.
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Maybe. But I was imagining a cow speaking (in accented English, of course) as if her name was Schleswig-Holstein. Holsteins are a kind of cow, Schleswig-Holstein is in the Low Countries, and "low" = "moo" = teh funny, and... aw, forget it.

Moo. Mu. μ
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Tangentially related: Cows enjoy showtunes.
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languagehat, that was worth it just for the phrase "Consider a perfectly spherical cow, radiating milk isotropically."
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look, pracowity made a funny.

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