It's time to nominate three years worth of security idiocy
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It's the Privacy International Stupid Security Competition 2006. Human rights group Privacy International (who also hand out annual Big Brother awards have launched the 2006 Stupid Security Competition. Following on from 2003's awards (also here) where everyone from T Mobile UK, the Australian Government to Philadelphia International Airport won with displays of idiocy, what will the results of the past three years of press and government hyperbole and lies, amongst many other things bring?
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We can't bring scissors into our building. Yet, I can go to the supply closet and get however many pairs that I want. I once accidentally walked out of the building with a pair--I wasn't allowed to return with them. So, you guessed it, I had to go get another pair. Your tax dollars at work.
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That's insanity.
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I've got a soft spot for the first comment
spotted at heathrow airport staff search entrance to airside on the first friday of "the troubles".. 2 fully armed police officers being told to put their bags through the xray machine.. ummm what could be more dangerous in them than the semi automatic guns they were carrying???

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In order to send out a parcel via the USPS it's absolutely necessary for you to put a return address on it (that's been true since the whole anthrax brouhaha).

However -- you guessed it -- there's no verification whatsoever of the return address you put in. So, if you're going to mail out something hazardous or illegal, it's perfectly possible to just put the address of someone you don't like as the return address.
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Should be a bumper year.
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This reminds me of something that happened to me in Brussels Airport. I'd forgotten to take razor heads with me and tried to buy some in the boarding area. I was told that for security reasons those were no longer available. I'm still wondering how a resourceful terrorist would use a set of Mach 3s to cause mayhem, and whether it wouldn't have been after all easier to him to reach for the BIGASS scissors that the same cashier had carelessly left on the counter out of her sight, but well within my (or any other customer's) reach....
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Looking at their list of previous award winners it is depressing that we beat that list weekly nowadays.
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